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What are some video games which can be superb, however nobody has heard of or performed?

So clearly video games like Elden Ring or Zelda: TOTK are superb, but in addition, just about everybody has heard of them. Not too long ago, I discovered a pair video games that had been possibly not Elden Ring ranges of fantastic, however nonetheless higher and extra progressive than 90% of the video games on the market, but nobody in my circles had ever heard of them.

So what are your high picks for “hidden gems?” They are often trendy PC video games, outdated SNES video games, no matter. There’s gotta be a ton of individuals on the market who’re on the lookout for some nice however unnoticed sport and now’s your probability to allow them to know what they’re lacking out on!

Comments ( 12 )

  1. The two games I recently came across were

    * **Brutal Orchestra**

    This is a rogue-like turn based JRPG style game with a perspective similar to the old Phantasy Star games. Each run is unique and challenging and there’s a ton of items and characters to unlock. It’s extremely difficult, but it usually always feels fair. The battle system is quite complex.

    Essentially, abilities cost 1 to 4 pigment and pigment can come in of course different colors. Each enemy has a health bar of a certain color and striking an enemy of a given color will generate two of that pigment. Your characters have colors as well, and if they get hit it will generate one of the corresponding pigment. You get 3 free yellow pigment each turn which just goes away if unspent (and the main character has an attack that costs 2 yellow to get the ball rolling). Managing pigment can be very challenging, as you can only store 10 and if you go over your entire party will take damage at the end of the turn. It’s somewhat difficult to explain, but when played it becomes very intuitive and each turn tends to pose a unique challenge.

    On top of that, there are 24 playable characters, each of which is wholly unique and different combinations of these party members can have great synergies and help fill gaps the other characters have. Additionally there must be over 100 items to unlock. Your party can be as small as 1 character or as large as 5 and there are actually upsides to running leaner parties which adds a whole other level of depth and strategy.


    * **Chrono Ark**

    This is like if Slay the Spire and Chrono Trigger made a baby. It’s a very heavily story driven game, but it’s rogue-like deck builder meets JRPG. Kind of has some Hades vibes in that regard where normally you wouldn’t expect the “keep doing runs from 0” to play nicely with story driven elements, but without spoiling too much, this game’s story sort of relies on that looping nature. There are tons of characters, each with their own unique systems and synergies which makes each run feel quite different and challenging. This game is still in Early Access, but I put 40 hours in before I beat the story and I still have lots of challenges and things to unlock. The story kind of goes from lighthearted to “oh shit” in a way that is reminiscent of Inscryption.

    But anyway, these are my two picks for great games that no one is playing. I’d love to hear some more!

  2. I really enjoyed Lost Kingdoms for the GameCube back in the day. Its actually how I became friends with one of my close friends. She was the only other person I met who had heard of and played it

  3. .hack original game series. infection, mutation, outbreak, and quarantine.
    Armored Core Master of Arena

  4. Solar Ash is very short, but it’s literally what 3D Sonic games should play like. Highly recommend it.

  5. The Witcher 3, not many people have heard of it

  6. Maybe Astral Chain or Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (even Three Houses which is more popular now).

  7. Ultimate Chicken Horse is the best party game

  8. My favorites Videogame is “Fuga Melodies of Steel”

    Its a 20 houer long turn based JRPG about a groupe of anthropomothic animal children that go on a quest to save there families.
    It has fun and satisfaying combat, great music and a simpel but endering story and characters.
    This game apeals to my inner child. Its story and characters make it feel like a playable kids anime akin to somthing like Digimon and I love that feeling.
    Another thing I love are cute wholesome stories and characters with a bit of a dark edge to it.
    The best example of what I mean is my favorite work of fiction the Anime/Manga series “Made in Abyss”. And Fuga is the best among Videogames to scratch that itch of mine. Atleast among the ones I played.

    If you want to check it out its on PC, most modern consoles and on Game Pass. It also has a free demo which is just straight up the first 3 chapters of the game.

    It has a direct sequel and they creators want to make a third game.

    Overall I am not quite as over the moon about Fuga Melodies of Steel 2 as I am about the firdt game but its still good and I love those characters even more in this sequel.
    The children of the Taranis are my favorite groupe of protagonists from any Videogame.

    Fuga is pretty unknown. No physical release and in one Update they said it got downloaded only 180.000 times.

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