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I’m dangerous in any respect video video games, how do I cope.

I’m what you’d take into account a traditional terminally on-line particular person. Good job, curiosity in video video games that is respectable however not too deep to the place it impacts my capacity to reside. However I have been slowly and slowly coming with the truth of one of many best terrors somebody can face of their life.

I fucking suck at video video games.

The warning indicators have been there for years, however I blissfully ignored them as a result of I all the time might discover a coping excuse, however I discovered that I can not actually cope anymore.

1) I spent a few years taking part in a recreation known as osu! Nonetheless, my complete 10+ yr time there was marred with failure. I by no means might really play the sport effectively, even after I practiced, and will by no means play maps tougher than about onerous issue. I transitioned to mapping and I have been thought-about by the group one of many worst mappers that has tried to play the sport, amongst different controversies and points with workers.

2) I regarded again and each recreation that I’ve ever overwhelmed I play on newbie mode. This contains the truth that I do not really usually beat video games. I did not beat Hearth Emblem: Conquest, Hearth Emblem: Shadows of Valentia, or Hearth Emblem: Fates’s final ranges as a result of they have been all too onerous for me, so I simply thought-about them “beat”

3) I’m bodily unable to intention. The recommendation I get is to “observe” however no regular particular person is like hmm time to sit down on this recreation for 10 hours to observe pinpoint aiming. They only do it. Possibly get higher over time nevertheless it’s one thing that individuals ought to have the ability to do. I can not intention. I can not even be shut. Any pictures that I get are purely based mostly on luck, each from my very own remark and out of doors evaluation of my gameplay in video games reminiscent of CS:GO, L4D2 (which I all the time simply swap to a melee weapon as quickly as I can), and Overwatch.

4) I’ve by no means overwhelmed a recreation that requires actual time enter. Any recreation that I’ve ever “overwhelmed” is both a recreation that’s turn-based, or a recreation that does not have an “finish.” I assumed Skyward Sword was a tough recreation and gave up after 2 ranges. I’ve by no means overwhelmed a Kingdom Hearts recreation even on the best issue as a result of they have been too tough for me. GTAV was too onerous for me. my recreation library, the one recreation that I’ve that I’ve overwhelmed is Leisure Go well with Larry: Magna Cum Laude, however that is probably not a recreation as a lot as it’s a minigame assortment, and for that recreation I used a information the complete time.

5) Any recreation that I have been profitable in, has been on the lowest issue. I play a variety of Out of the Park Baseball, and I am solely ever in a position to achieve success if I flip all cash off, or play as an enormous market group that already has the entire greatest gamers. In MLB: The Present, I play the whole lot in rookie mode and I nonetheless am very dangerous at it, the place I can not even play on-line with out getting bodied by even the worst opponents.

6) My most profitable recreation is Toontown, however I can not even say I’ve performed effectively at that as a result of the sport just about performs itself, plus I do not need to grind to get the entire laff factors (and in the event you’re actually curious my gaming IQ is so adverse that I unintentionally selected the worst construct for my toon).

I’ve normally capable of both simply keep on with video games that I can play considerably decently (flip based mostly video games, or “video games” like Solitaire and Crosswords), nevertheless it’s unlucky when a lot of your life and mates are targeted on video video games. All of my mates are superb at video video games, different folks in my household are nice at video video games, and it is not like I HAVEN’T been working towards. I have been taking part in video games for 15+ years, and I’ve tried to play each widespread recreation my mates are into. I spent YEARS making an attempt to get higher in Smash and it is just about a on condition that wherever I am going, I find yourself being the primary eradicated even with most effort and trying methods.

The rationale this hit so onerous is that I just lately tried to play Avenue Fighter VI with some mates. They have been very form and spent numerous time making an attempt to point out me the right way to play the sport, and mentioned I used to be doing very effectively and praised me for being profitable in opposition to AI. Then I performed in opposition to them and instantly obtained bodied about 5 instances in a row, inflicting me to develop into annoyed and unintentionally break my new monitor.

I made a decision to attempt once more and selected a random combating recreation from my assortment (Skullgirls) and sat down and tried to do the tutorials. I do not know what it’s however I actually can not do 1 / 4 circle. I spun the joystick simply the way in which it instructed me and pressed the buttons, and nothing occurs. Someway everybody is ready to fly round and do combos however I can not even do a primary command besides by mashing button by pure probability. I cried myself to sleep that evening.

These occasions induced me to replicate on my life and understand that this isn’t one thing that’s new. I have been trash for so long as I can bear in mind. I have been the teammate that everybody’s screamed at, the one which “did not get the invite” to varied gaming events, or the one who’s instructed to uninstall and die. I do not need to settle for that I am gaming journalist stage dangerous at video video games, however there’s part of me that simply needed to settle for who I’m. I’m informal rubbish.

What are one of the best coping methods that I can use to beat the adverse feelings with this realization. I’ve already uninstalled all “professional” video games on my machine, with the one recreation on my machine being Microsoft Solitaire Assortment. I discover it necessary that I give attention to what I’m profitable at, although I yearn to be greater than that.

Comments ( 32 )

  1. It’s not for everyone.

    I’m also terrible at action and other time sensitive games. I mostly stick to RPG, strategies , and simulation (like simcicy) type of games because it gives me time to respond and doesn’t require me to do some specific controller input.

  2. I just cope by playing different games. You don’t need split second reflexes to play Stardew Valley or Abzu, for example.

  3. Do you have fun though? “Everyone” sucks at video games at some point.. and some don’t get much better… The important thing to ask yourself is are you at least having fun? If not then maybe it’s not for you and you’re simply trying to force something that you don’t truly enjoy anymore. If you are having fun I suggest just focusing on that… Being extremely good at video games is important if your job requires it, but as most don’t it’s not really a big deal if you’re not good, remember that. There’s no life achievement for being good a video games, if anything it’s an anti achievement, as a lot of people scoff at video games and especially playing them for a living in whatever capacity.

  4. When it comes down to a lot of stuff that requires reflexes, the advice of practice really is all that can be given. Some people will hit a limit as to how good they can get and will feel it’s still pretty low, but there is no real secret to aiming in shooters. This also unfortunately means that “practice” is another way of saying “prepare to get stomped a lot while you learn”(and even if you have decent aiming skills, this phase happens per game as you learn the nuances and map awareness).

    Of course if reflexes just aren’t in the cards for you, you might try less time sensitive games. A lot of RPGS can be almost won on the character creation screen, and if you go to various subreddits for those games you can get much better advice than “just practice” because a lot of the challenge is based on knowledge rather than reflexes.

    Also as a huge Fire Emblem fan: Don’t feel bad about struggling to beat those games. The games can be quite difficult, and you’re probably making the same mistakes everyone in that fan base did when they were new. The same mistakes I made when I first played it.

    Most notably just not taking the time to check enemy units to see what potential damage your units can take on the enemy phase to minimize the chances of lethal damage.

  5. “I don’t want to accept that I’m gaming Journalism level bad”

    lol 💀

  6. Consider trying something like adventure games, possibly even text adventures. There’s no real-time. It’s basically observation and thinking things out, rather than anything that requires button mashing, aiming, or speed or reflexes.

  7. That’s why you have kids. Cause you can feel good for half a sec as you whoop their monkey ass in Mortal Kombat with a Finisher. (Fatality!)

  8. not everyone has the same hand eye coordination

    also your a/v setup might have hidden delays making things more difficult than other people with a different setup

    focus on turn based stuff and keep the difficulty down – fire emblems are pretty hard in general and you mentioned a ton of them

    try reading up on speedrun strategies, not necessarily to play the game fast, but a lot of them have techniques for cheesing some bosses or sneaking through areas of various games

    set different goals, like hitting a certain level milestone or some other measure, rather than end-boss completion

  9. There seems to be this stigma that you have to be good in order to play or enjoy video games, for the record, you don’t.

    Are you having fun? If you’re having fun, then you’re doing it right! Who cares how good you are? Especially in single-player games.

    If you’re not having fun, maybe it’s time to pick up a new hobby.

  10. Play BLACK OPS 2 multiplayer CORE deathmatch using a budget controller and a class heavy on grenades. drink whiskey and/or vodka and learn to love the 100s whether they’re yours or someone else’s. Don’t accept invites from strangers.

  11. Even though most games require some level of skill, specially AAA games, you can still find some gems out there. I’d recommend you check out Subnautica since it’s a beloved game and doesn’t require any type of aim, if you die you don’t lose a lot typically and you can take your time progressing as slow as you need.

  12. Just because you are bad at games doesnt mean you shouldnt enjoy yourself. Find games you like and play them… Its not always about being better than someone else <3

  13. There are games that really dont require insane timing or aiming or even strategy. Stardew Valley of course but there are alot more. Mario games are great and have a beginner entry bar, journey is amazing, untitled goose game is fun, goat simulator is too. Disco Elysium is fantastic and doesnt require any insane imput at all. But the most relaxed easy chill game i could think of would be the lil gator game. Its on steam and is honestly amazing. Its so chill and at your own pace. It somewhat mirrors zelda with the premise being a huge group of kids playing a game on an island. If i had to recommend only one game it would be this one. Lil gator game

  14. Three things:

    A) if it makes you feel any better, you’re in the same boat as every rando I’ve ever had on my team in CSGO.

    2) try vampire survivors

    D) there’s an entire universe of turn based games out there. *Symphony of War*, for instance is like diet *Fire Emblem* that is very easy even on “hard.” I recommend skipping all the plot scenes. There’s a lot of them and they’re long and not interesting. But the gameplay is fantastic.

  15. You have to fight to make gaming illegal. If you can’t be happy playing games, then no one should be allowed to be happy playing games

  16. I personally accepted a long time ago that I am just not great at most video games. I mostly play turn-based games or adventure games. I finished The Last of Us but only by playing it on Easy level. I know I am missing out on some good games. I am still sad I couldn’t get very far in Hollow Knight. (I am not even saying it’s hard, just that it was for me and I honestly did try at it.) I bought Persona 5 Strikers because I loved Persona 5 but I haven’t tried it yet. At least it has an easy level. I generally stay away from gaming communities because I know I’m no “real gamer,” as much as I try not to worry about that. All that said this mostly doesn’t bother me. I play the games I can play and I have a good time. But if I had friends who wanted me to play shooters it might be frustrating for me. Sorry for the long comment. I just wanted to say I can relate.

  17. Don’t play those types of games except with friends. Go in assuming you’re going to lose and pick other random shit you want to accomplish like annoy your friends by spamming the one combo you know. In single player games use cheats/console commands if available when you get stuck or aren’t having fun.

    Stop trying to play games “the right way”, there’s no such thing. I get why some people advocate for that, sometimes people play easy mode so they never have to experience failure. This means they’re never actually in eustress (where the level of stress/difficulty matches your skill level) and therefore aren’t enjoying the game as much as they could be. That’s not you, you’re way past that into the burnout zone of the curve, so it’s fine to use all tools available to bring the difficulty in line with your ability.

  18. i think your final outlook upon it is exactly where your cope focus should be – play games that keep you in a genuinely enjoyable place for YOU, and don’t beat yourself up over any spilled milk.

    a huge thing to note is there’s a lot of different types of games these days; not just multiplayer vs solo vs story vs puzzle anymore. we’re talking FPS, looter-shooters, 3rd-1st person story rpgs like skyrim or zelda on switch, combat focused games, etc etc etc all breaking down the slight skill difference from one gamer to another because of past game skills. so if you’re good in CSGO, you’re likely to be good in other FPS type games as well; same goes for all other genres of games. we’ll consistently touch back on this..

    for awhile i felt the same about my gameplay as you. although it’s not true at all that i suck at games “in general”, and it’s more of a style/skill difference that keeps me from being good at certain games compared to others. i play a ton of games of all different kinds: started playing on basic UDLR puzzle-rpgs like pokémon on handhelds and always loved those types of games the most tho. on console or pc that transitions into being really good at movement controls/puzzles and enjoying more story-driven rpgs like Skyrim or Fallout or Bordlerlands, and i can find myself get lost in those games for months on 1 save/character at a time.

    flip to multiplayer pvp shooters (i like to be good enough to play with my buddies too): used to play a bit of cod, battlefield, halo, fortnite, a number of shooters but nothing that stressed my aim immensely and i was always average, but could definitely get dangerous when i tried reaaaaally hard. these days there’s a ton of people who play CSGO or similar FPS games so their training for aim is already inherently better than mine as they’re just hard-wired to make that part of their gameplay the “fun part” for them in CSGO. i had some buddies who had to break it to me that i play like dogs**t in D2 pvp because i just can’t and don’t aim well, so that’s where i have to practice the most when i go into any pvp shooter games, yet my movement is still on par with everyone for pvp just fine. one of my friends is literally a deadshot even when leaving these games for 2-3 months at a time; always showing me up on the leaderboards even when i’ve had the last year of practice consistently.. when i asked him how he shared that those are the types of games he plays and trains on the most, as well as what he enjoys the most. it was stressing to think of how much work it would take to get better which also fed into me thinking i was bad at pvp, but that same guy encouraged me to play games i knew i would enjoy because of that’s where my skills shine. he’s a shooter because he grew up shooting, im a puzzler so i like to puzzle.

    i believe the reason you feel like you’re “bad in general” is cuz the games you listed seem to be all around the board for style, but since you like Solitaire then i’d suggest and presume puzzle style games are more your pace and likely where you will always shine because you’re hard-wired for it – this falls in line with how you say you usually only beat things in beginner mode – that’s likely because you’re more interested in the mechanics of “how things work”(toontown) when you’re playing games, and im similar in that manner with you (although sometimes i take on the hard modes of games to forcefully put that challenge on myself and complete it through the stress; think Elden Ring). Combat games like street fighter, MK, Smash Melee and others take a LOT of constant practice to be even average at, so don’t beat yourself up over losing to your buddies cuz they’ve likely been in a similar spot before. i wouldn’t take it ever too seriously enough to the point where breaking a monitor again anyways, just a suggestion..

    if you’re dead set on getting better at any game you think you stuck on, keep your chin up regardless of failures! no loss is ever a full loss as there’s always experience gained and that’s where the pain is gain my friend (we’re talking real life experience, not like in-game exp lol). take it serious enough that it can disappoint you, but not seriously enough that it would hurt you. you’re on the right track already, don’t give up just because it feels hard or like everyone’s left you behind. start small, work on one or two games in particular, and just keep moving. if you find yourself not enjoying that game much more, just move on from it and take THAT as your win cuz you won’t be wasting time on a game you don’t enjoy. keeping a positive attitude even in the losses is very important when you want to get better at anything, because losses and failures will undoubtedly occur on your path to success.

    edit: TL;DR – instead of stressing losses, find ways to look at any/all of these game experiences as a win and only look at those to get/feel better about. good luck gamer, ALWAYS have fun 🙂

  19. I’m just going to comment on your inability to do a half circle in fighting games:

    Use the Dpad. Don’t use the stick. In fighting games that require multiple directional inputs, you are going to want to be using the pad. Games like Smash on the other hand, can use the stick.

  20. First of, there’s is absolutely no reason to be ashamed about only playing games on story/easy difficulty. The option is there for a reason, sometimes you just want to be able to experience the story of a game without getting frustrated.
    But it sounds like you jump a lot from game genre to game genre. There’s really not much skill you can transfer from RTS to RPGs to FPS games. The reason people say “just to practice” for getting better aim is because that is the only thing you can do. Nobody is born with the perfect aim. It comes easier for some people, sure, but it’s not instantly learned.
    I have thousands and thousands of hours in FPS games. I got to global elite at the height of my CS:GO phase. I didn’t touch a competitive fps for 2 years after that. And when i returned i had to spend a long time relearning my aim.
    If you really want to learn to aim and be decent at a FPS, you have to practice. And CS have a lot of aim training maps you can go into. Watch a video of how you do spray control. And then go into a death match game if you want to practice against other people. It’ll maybe take 100 hours, maybe 200 or 500. It doesn’t matter. As long as you stick to it, you should be able to learn it.

    But maybe those games aren’t really for you? If you enjoy turn based games, then play those. There is probably a good 100 turn based games you haven’t tried, and could get into.

  21. I used to be somewhat competitive in fighting games. Then 2 years away in college without easy arcade access changed all that. And now, these games all seem to made with tournaments in mind so the minimum baseline is going to be way above the casual gamers skill. It’s a community that seems to be actively killing itself by making it harder for new players to get in to it.

    I also suck at FPS games. Fallout was a godsend since the vats system meant I didn’t have to aim.

  22. Try demos of games and find something you enjoy. I hate multi-player games unless they’re co-op because I don’t have 8 hours a night to devote to ‘prepare’ so I can git good.

    I like open world sand box games like FO4, HZD, AC etc but if there’s a game that has co-op so I can play with friends (when we can sync up our schedules) then that’s fine. But I feel you.

  23. This reads to well to be true.

    “I don’t want to accept that I’m gaming journalist level bad at video games, but there’s a part of me that just had to accept who I am. I am casual garbage.”

    But if it is, and you want to improve, then just hatefuck one game in all your free time.

    For example.

    Play kingdom hearts on highest difficulty until you beat the game.

    Or just solo queue overwatch until you get better.

    Or for fighting games. Play smash against level 9 cpu

    Whichever you want to improve at, Play it until you are sick of the game. And then play it some more.

    I feel that should help you improve.

    But splitting your attention between multiple games won’t see much improvement imo.

    “Jack of all trades master of none” if you play them all you won’t master any.

  24. Are you mentally or physically handicapped? Do you have a learning disability?

  25. Like anything in life it takes time and practice to be good at something. You simply find other things more important. My suggestion is to not play games with your more serious gaming friends. If you do, make it known you don’t take the time required to “get gud”. Let them know what you do “get gud” at because judging by your post you are plenty good at other things. If you enjoy gaming find more casual games that challenge you but don’t require commitment.

  26. Lean more into the video games you’re good at. Please share more though if you get the time, this was a fun read

  27. One thing i can recommend specifically for fighting games, if you’re playing on a gamepad and not an arcade stick, use the D-pad. This is the preferred control method for most gamepad players in fighting games. The dualshock 4 dpad is good for fighting games.

    Otherwise it’s just approaching games from a perspective of “what do i need to do and work on to get better”. If this is something you don’t get enjoyment out of then don’t bother. Not everyone is going to be good at everything. Try to get what enjoyment you can from whatever games work for you.

  28. Bro, some people are just naturally competitive. I get it. I, personally, dgaf about other people or online games for that matter. The goal is to just relax and have fun.

    But if you’re dead set on improving, watching playthroughs on YouTube and the training rooms is an effective way to improve. I used to rank 4000s in SF5 with Zangief. I would regularly watch the pros play, even if Gief wasn’t in.

    Btw, remember when r/place was a thing? Osu! And gamestop were neighbors, so I peeped some gameplay. That shit is fucking hard, man. Don’t downplay playing on hard, bro. That’s legendary, my guy.

  29. I see three options here.

    1. Find games that better suit your skill set.

    2. Stop playing games altogether.

    3. Go insane over something that by any measure is a non-issue.

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