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Why do opponents to bodily copies lie and say that the majority video games require downloads to play?

It isn’t true, has by no means been true nevertheless it’s nonetheless claimed prefer it’s the usual. There are exceptions to this, sadly, like Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, and each time it occurs individuals protest. Whenever you put within the disc in an internetless console, you’ll 99% of the time nonetheless be allowed to play the 1.0 model of the sport.

Lots of people exterior the US and Europe nonetheless haven’t got correct web, so they’d be screwed if the builders pressured you to obtain elements of the sport, which is why it turns into an enormous deal the instances they do.

Comments ( 11 )

  1. they’ll find a way sooner or later to make physical not work either. they want us to actually own nothing

  2. Sure 99% of the time you can play the 1.0 version with just the disk. However pretty much every game has a day 1 patch so the version on the disk is almost always inferior.

    I am mostly digital myself but I’m definitely not an opponent of physical. It’s just a convenience thing for me.

  3. There are a lot of games that do require downloads and won’t run without them because of their size. Then there is also the patches that the games will need because no game company these days ever it’s out a game that’s actually working cyber punk being a good example.

  4. Some games have very little content on the disc and many require downloads. It’s just the truth.

    I’m all for physical games and movies, plus books

  5. Not every physical disc has the whole game on it. Some discs “require” a update to even play and others just hold a 10mb license on the disc.

  6. Because they’ve chosen their hill to die on and they are going to make as noise as possible about it. They don’t care if what they say has no basis in reality. As you say, 99%+ of all discs are perfectly playable without any kind of download.

    When you see one of those idiots (they’ll be here in a minute) just block and move on.

  7. Sure you can play a 1.0 with no download, but let’s be honest, the state of the gaming industry in the modern day isn’t great, so 1.0 is not gonna be in a good state.

    Also, the majority of people probably are putting their discs into a console connected to internet, thus getting a meaty download.

    There’s no conspiracy or lie about it, the disc is always going to be outdated compared to a digital file, and will in the majority of cases need an update once it’s in your console.

  8. PS4 discs can only hold around 70GB if I recall correctly, so any game that’s over that (most AAA games these days) will require an additional download to even fully install the game

    I’m not sure if it’s different for the PS5 but the fact is that games these days are literally getting too big to fit on a physical disc

  9. The last Call of Duty only had 17MB of info on the disk.

    Do a factory restore on your Xbox One, disconnect it from the internet and pop in Halo MCC and see how well it runs.

    And don’t get me started on the Switch because companies are too cheap to put their game on a bigger cart (Mega Man Legacy for example).

    Plenty of games do this now. Not out of the ordinary and its BS.

  10. Because they do. I’ve yet to buy a game that didn’t require an update to play.

  11. Because of the misinformation that is passed around.
    Becomes an echo chamber.

    Suddenly, discs are just licences is the narrative. it’s not through malicious intent, just pure misinformed people.

    People with 24/7 net will not experience an I stall from disc as it will always download the latest version anyway, so it’s not their fault, really.

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