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Sonys FPS downside

I’ve acquired to query Sony Ps and what appears to be a reluctance in the direction of the primary individual shooter style. I do know that their nice at growing robust, cinematic single participant targeted narratives however I typically marvel why they determined to not give us something within the style from a few of their older Ips?

I imply we have not seen Killzone, Resistance, which might be superior sport franchises that could possibly be tailored for the subsequent technology {hardware} by any of their proficient builders and groups for a brand new set of followers and long run audiences who’re asking for them to be introduced again. I imply it has been a couple of.

Contemplating how robust and highly effective the PS5 subsequent technology console is, I feel each Resistance and Killzone have a whole lot of potential to be even higher on the programs.

Killzone needed to die in order that Horizon Zero Daybreak and its sequel Forbidden West and the upcoming dwell service sport may fly into creativity and design.

Resistance mainly died on the Ps 3 after its narrative Trilogy with Sony mainly not giving any of the followers a remaster bundle or something for them on the Ps 4 like The Final Of Us or the Uncharted video games had recieved which is a disgrace.

I actually really feel as a fan of Killzone 2&3, in addition to the Resistance franchise that we’ll in all probability by no means see them return attributable to Gureilla saying that Killzone is mainly useless for the longer term on the time being, and Resistance by Insomniac is finished by them and will not be made by them anymore so wtf.

Comments ( 10 )

  1. There’s only one console exclusive shooter of any note left and it’s not doing as well as expected. I don’t think it matters in 2023.

  2. They literally announced one yesterday, Concord.

    They also own Bungie so that means Destiny and Marathon

  3. Majority of my games during the PS3 era was shooters and it got tiresome really fast. Glad they took a break from making shooter games.

  4. Bro i mean it’s not up to Sony, these are from different developpers, Insomniac, Guerrila …even if owned by Sony doesn’t mean that SOny can impose on them games

  5. I was excited about Marathon until I found out it’s multiplayer only.

    Such a waste of a rich narrative and deep lore.

    It’s like getting a Half-life 3 trailer and finding out it’s a Battle Royale.

  6. I don’t have a big problem with it to be honest. There’s a good number of multi-platform FPS games, since there are some more specific titles like Doom, Shadow Warrior, Ghost Runner etc., and then there’s stuff with mass appeal like CoD, Siege and so on.

    The way I see it, there is no way in hell that Sony could even release an exclusive FPS that would aim to compete with the likes of CoD. That’s impossible. So the only thing for them to do would be to release a single-player focused FPS and hope that it sells well. Seems like a big risk, especially if it had to be a big-budget game.

    Resistance and Killzone had their time, they were good games. If they ever come back, they might be good, but I’m ok with keeping them in the past.

  7. There is FPS games coming from Bungie, firespite and Haven.

  8. Still, no one is getting the point OP is trying to make.

    Anyways, I hope that Microsoft BlizzardActivision deal (weather it goes through or not) serves as a reminder to Sony that FPS games and major money makers are going away, so its time to try to build a franchise or rebuild a franchise on their own, that is consistent with sonys focus on single player and story such as Killzone.

    Killzone shadow fall was my first game on the ps4 and the franchise , and I was in love with it. They don’t need to stick to that game, but they have bungie, they can make a new IP.

    Respawns Titanfall 2 was amazing storywise. And ofcourse the game that made me like FPSs, Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay.
    So the idea to make a FPS game that have a good story is not insane, and doesnt have to be tied to a multiplayer

    Im not gonna be this gamer that goes hey keep that multiplayer and battle royal shit away from my games, no its not about me, but at least give me a single player story that is interesting that makes it worth my while.

    I loved CoD story and I got modern warfare 1,2 with a decent discount and the campaign is just great. Didnt touch the multiplayer and it was worth what I paid for.

  9. Traditional FPS games are expensive to make, COD has employed the majority of the industries shooter experts, and shooters that aren’t COD or Battlefield don’t make enough money to justify the cost of producing them.

    The Best Selling Killzone only sold ~2.89M copies and both the games that came after sold less. By comparison Horizon Zero Dawn sold 20 Million and Forbidden West was up to at least 8.6 Million so far.

    Resistance Fall of Man sold ~4 million copies and all the other titles sold less. By comparison Spider Man + Morales sold 33+ MILLION.

    COD just doesn’t leave any room for the FPS genre and other genre types just sell better across the board. With how these sales numbers go its going to be close to impossible to convince Sony that they SHOULD be making their developers make FPS titles and the only way that’s going to change is if COD is taken from them. That FYI isn’t going to be happening because it will be nearly impossible for Microsoft to win their appeal of the CMA decision. They also claim they wouldn’t anyways.

    Quality in this context doesn’t even matter. You could argue yourself blue in the face that these shooters were better than COD but the only metric that matters is $$$$.

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