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What’s the worth of this resistor?

My dishwasher stopped working not too long ago. Opened it up, took the board out and there’s a clearly cracked resistor that even broke into items once I soldered it out.


I can inform it is yellow – white – x – gold.

So 5% tolerance (the gold band), however what’s the worth?

49 Ohm (yellow – white – black)

490 Ohm (yellow – white – brown)

4.9 GOhm (yellow – white – gray)

Foto with flash makes it quite clear it is not brown. So the selection is generally between black and gray. 49 Ohm sounds much more reasonable than 4.9 GOhm to me however the colour appears a lot extra gray than black to me


[With flash](


[Without flash](

Comments ( 11 )

  1. That’s a tough one. Any idea what the use of the resistor in the circuit is or what it’s connected to? Could maybe guess based on that given they options are orders of magnitude apart

  2. 490 ohm. I think you are reading the charts wrong.

    But the real answer is, if you are going to be doing stuff like this you should have a meter, and just read it.

  3. I’d go with 49 ohms, yellow white black. Cameras and different displays will shift colors though, So I’d trust my own eyes.

    That crack might have been caused by heat, so I’d go with the next higher wattage resistor, if it can be made to fit.

  4. That’s a chonky boy. I’d say it’s 49 as well. Maybe a 1 or 2Watt

  5. Thanks for the tip! My eyes have never been more trustworthy than a camera’s. And don’t worry, I’ll give that resistor plenty of breathing room.

  6. I would assume it’s 49 ohm. High wattage resistors are usually in the power supply part of the circuit. And many times in power supply circuits you will use usually a low ohm high wattage resistor to smooth out your DC signal.

    That being said you might actually be able to find a proper schematic if you search the dishwasher’s model along with the word schematic or service manual.

  7. Did a bit of Google sleuthing (searched for “dishwasher R67”) and found this forum post with a board that looks just like yours: – they seem to suggest that the damage caused to the resistor might be due to other malfunctions on the board.

    Here’s a [nice video explaining]( what the circuit probably looks like on your board, it’s highly likely that there’s [more damage than just the resistor]( given that’s it’s most likely an inrush current limiter. I’m assuming that RF1 on his diagram in the video is probably similar to the R67 cracked resistor on your board.

    Suggestion would be to just buy a replacement board, for example on fleaBay they seem to [go for around $20-$70](

  8. It’s black. Grey is a light grey and usually closer to white than black.

  9. Adding no value to this conversation, I just want to point out how annoying color band values are to colorblind people. Reading a busted resistor before computer vision tools was almost impossible to do alone

  10. Def 49 Ohms, looks like a current limiting resistor.

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