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What makes Breath of the Wild a ten/10?

I simply did a play via, my first Zelda sport. I used to be so excited to see what the hype was about…that is what individuals take into account a ten/10? Are you critical?

– clunky fight
– rubbish weapon sturdiness system, the worst I’ve ever seen
– 3 buttons presses to dodge?
– enemy variation is a joke, pink pig guys, blue pig guys, white pig guys, tall pig guys and so forth
– horrible body charge
– horrible textures
– Ubisoft towers
– shrines have been boring greater than enjoyable or difficult
– hardly any voice appearing within the sport, possibly 10 minutes price
– what’s the purpose in forcing a premade protagonist that may’t be custom-made after which additionally making them unvoiced?
– climbing will get turned off when it rains
– silly annoying lightning
– story could be very primary

I can’t consider that is what everybody was dropping their thoughts over. I performed Immortals Fenyx Rising and that could be a FAR higher sport in nearly each means.

I’ll not consider the reward for any Nintendo sport.

Comments ( 26 )

  1. lol, good one, almost got me there.

  2. It’s cool man. You don’t have to like what everyone else likes.

  3. Congrats. You didn’t like a highly praised 6 year old game. Have a cookie.

  4. Man mods be slacking today this is usually a quick ban for trolling

  5. Nintendo fans are a different breed…

    It is a 10/10 because all the other games are Mario in different situations playing party games with 3 other characters…

  6. 3 button presses to dodge? What?

  7. I’m personally so over voice acting. It raises the cost of games unnecessarily, and a lot of times it’s really bad. Morrowind was able to give you a lot of information without having to sit there and listen to someone drone on for 5 minutes in some awful, usually broken, Nordic accent.

    There are certainly games where it’s necessary, like The Last of Us, but there are also plenty of games that absolutely do not need it and Zelda is one of them.

  8. I totally agree though… First game I ever played was Zelda, my mom had a NES. Grew up playing them. I loved Ocarina of Time. But I just simply don’t like the new games at all, for one, in this day, they should run 144fps no problem, like modders in their room on youtube can do it by themselves.. instead we get these clunky 30fps games still. The music also doesn’t have the same quality because Koji Kondo is no where to be found.

    At the same time I recognize there is a whole new gen of people who don’t mind and will find enjoyment in it.

  9. What is it about this game that makes people do this? You know, you don’t have to like everything, I’m sure there are games that you think are 10/10s that others don’t, that’s how opinions work.

    of course you could just be one of the many trolls….

  10. You forgot that there is no blood, the characters don’t swear, and there are no boobs. Definitely a horrible game.

  11. If Zelda wasn’t in the name the games wouldn’t be getting 10s

  12. I considered to buy Switch to enjoy this “masterpiece“ but firstly tested it on pc. I think it’s ok for children but no way I go into Nintendo in my live.

  13. Possibly the most overrated game of all time

  14. Your only valid arguments are:
    1. Weapon durability system being obnoxious,
    2. Not much enemy variation,

    Everything else is wtf you saying?

    Ubisoft towers? The whole reason it was better was because of the gliding, making you skip a LOT of the walking otherwise required. This was a refreshing take on the existing formula that many devs just failed to improve upon. So yes, it was good it broke that cycle.

    Lightning? Just think for yourself and stop wielding metal.

    Rain turning off climbing? While I could agree that it could be annoying, it is the unison with the level design that you failed to consider.

    The fact it rains in Zora’s domain, thus forcing you to take the roads is actually quite clever. Add to this the weather forecasting and the rain isn’t that bad.

    Protagonist not having voice acting? Ok, now you are just nitpicking and coming up with arguments for the heck of it. It is clear your current mindset is stuck on optimizing the fun out of your games. May I suggest gaming at a slower pace before you stop enjoying it altogether?

  15. The new Reddit home page really do be putting the most dogshit posts in front of me every time I open the app.

  16. Nintendo fanboy shills would buy a box of dog turds if it said Nintendo on the outside.

  17. I think Horizon does Ubisoft towers the best from what I’ve played. They feel different and require different strategies to reach, and most importantly, there are only a few of them.

  18. Because have a good and unique game design. Was innovative and show the entire industry that you can do differently and still be great.

    Of course is not a real “10\10” game. That just doesn’t exist.

    But when a 7 or 8\10 like God of War or RDR2 that have WAY too many flaws with nothing really that stand out enough to be considered extremely well done get the 9.5\10, of course something with a better design, so a better gmae overall needs to get an higher score.

    The vote is inflated because nowadays is like that for everything. Or extremely overrated or extremely under rated. No really in between.

  19. Oh my god you’re right, you should become a game reviewer. Review basketball next, maybe you’ll destroy the NBA!

    But seriously, it’s a game with millions of fans that love it to death. It’s probably doing something right, even if it’s not up your alley.

  20. Innovation, they took their classic ip and switched it up big time, even more so with the latest release. Never in my life have I played a zelda game but you can see where they are trying to innovate on what they have.

    Aside that it’s a well known ip so it has a cult following albeit doesn’t need to meet every players expectations as a whole.

  21. In a world where there are plenty of actually shit, buggy, mtx filled games. Reddit being so eager to shit on and call the Zelda games overrated or that they only review well cause of the name is bizarre to me.

  22. It’s fun whenever someone decides their personality for the day is “contrarian” and takes it for a spin on reddit.

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