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The Outlast Trials is the gold normal for an Early Entry sport

Just lately picked it up for 30 bucks. It is extremely good enjoyable with associates, it is very effectively optimized, I’ve encountered actually zero bugs or glitches insofar, it has a few dozen extremely polished ranges with unbelievable atmospheric set and creature design, tight controls, strong AI, NO microtransactions- can extra individuals begin speaking about this sport? With much more content material coming down the pipeline for the complete launch, I simply wish to put some respect on Purple Barrels for delivering an Early Entry sport that appears, sounds, and performs pretty much as good as this.

Comments ( 4 )

  1. I havnt gotten a chance to try it yet, but from what people are saying, I agree. It looks (from what I’ve seen) like a well polished and great game, as well as not $60 thankfully.

  2. Sounds like a nearly finished beta and not an “Early Access” title. Doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that system was designed for at all actually. Good on them, but that’s not why “Early Access” was introduced.

  3. Never even heard of it, I’ll have to look it up when I have time. Any relevance to the horror series that have a similar name? There aren’t enough co op horror games

  4. Good to hear. Myself and friends have stayed away since it’s EA. Is there much replay value to the levels? I’ve been trying to stay blind for the most part so haven’t looked anything up

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