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Methods to repair carpet injury attributable to cats

I am getting my home prepared to maneuver and I want some assist fixing carpet injury that my cats have precipitated.

Listed here are pics:

Cat damage to carpets

There are two areas in my home the place my cats have clawed away on the carpet close to transition level to the purpose the place you’ll be able to see the tack strips. I do not wish to change the entire carpet and a carpet restore man stated it regarded too delicate to chop and stretch. Does anybody have a easy strategy to repair and / or cover this type of injury? Proper now, I am enthusiastic about a transition piece, however I am questioning if there are some other choices. Thanks!

Comments ( 6 )

  1. You could have a qualified carpet guy try to cut it in a transition area and replace a section. It will not match so it will need to be a section of carpet that could be a color transition.

  2. That looks like a small enough spot that the carpet can be restretched to remove it. We had that done. Look for someone that does carpet restretching.

  3. There should be a transition strip there. This is not your cats fault, it’s your landlords fault, even if your cat fucked with it. Feet were doing plenty of damage here every day

  4. Get a wide door bar that is from carpet to tiles and it should cover about 1-2 inches to hide it and covers the edges of the carpet so they can’t pull at it.

  5. Add a bigger transition.

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