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Including drywall immediately on high of current drywall

Updating the kitchen in my home. Eradicating the prevailing plate rails and trim, and evaluating choices for updating. One suggestion was to construct up new drywall on high of the prevailing set up to carry it flush with the cabinetry, then set up some kind of skinny trim to bridge it.

[Here’s photos of the existing trim/plate rail, and after removal](

1. Is there something to watch out for when including drywall immediately on high of current drywall?
2. Another artistic choices for updating this? Attempting to keep away from overly giant/clunky trim or molding.

Thanks prematurely.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Make false cabinets – about the same depth as drywall. I did this to fill gap above cabinets and makes them look like they go to the ceiling. Made a frame out of 1×3 that fills from top of cabinet to ceiling. Router in a ledge on backside and insert thin plywood. On the ceiling and top of cabinet I put in a rail using 1x to set depth and nail to. Caulk any gaps. Trim where old and new come together with 1x 1/8 strip and then crown of choice on top.
    As I write this I realize that this works better with painted cabinets. I already wrote it so I am going to leave it – probably a way to stain to match or get close.

  2. The drywall doesn’t seem like a bad idea.
    You could also just quarter round the top edge. between the existing drywall and cabinet. Quick and easy.

  3. Use laminating screws instead of standard drywall screws. Apply adhesive between the layers to improve the bond and help mitigate any “hollow” sound you might experience when knocking against the wall.

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