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Favourite Books With or About Turtles: Could 2023

Welcome readers,

Could 23 was [World Turtle Day]( which celebrates turtles and tortoises and brings consciousness to their endangerment on account of human created world warming, air pollution, and encroachment/destruction of their habitats. To have fun, we’re discussing our favourite books with or about turtles!

If you would like to learn our earlier weekly discussions of fiction and nonfiction please go to the [suggested reading]( part of our [wiki](

Thanks and luxuriate in!

Comments ( 11 )

  1. Small Gods – The turtle moves!

  2. Small gods by Terry Pratchett

  3. Momo by Michael Ende.

    The turtle Cassiopeia can look about half an hour into the future and she helps Momo.

  4. Discworld In general, specifically small gods.

  5. The Year of the Turtle: A Natural History by David Carroll. The author is a naturalist with a deep love of turtles and the book describes his experiences with various turtles near his home in New Hampshire. His illustrations throughout are really beautiful as well. It’s a slow, deep read. I found it in a used bookstore on vacation last year and really savored it.

  6. Agreeing with “Momo” and “The NeverEnding Story” by Michael Ende also features a turtle, if I’m not mistaken.

  7. far tortuga by peter matthiessen

  8. The Cradle series by Will Wight. The ~~turtle~~ dragon advances!

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