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Constructing Elevated Raised Mattress Backyard Bins with Galvanized Roofing Tiles

The trick is, it needs to be chest top (elevated). How a lot weight will the galvanized panels maintain? Optimally the field would have metallic sides *and underside*, that means helps and weight considerations.

L@@king at these: []( (30 gauge)or these[]( (31 gauge)

The aim is 8′ size and three’ width (or two if needed). TIA

Comments ( 3 )

  1. You may be able to get away with using them for the sides with enough support but I’m very doubtful they’ll hold on the bottom. You probably wont be able to find a load rating anywhere because their not made to hold a load in that way.

  2. Build a wood frame to support the weight

  3. I’ve seen so many of these fail, even when bought from places that build them. The few I’ve seen not fail were lined with bamboo barrier to help keep the dirt from working its way into any gaps and pushing out. Plus the 60mil stuff is pretty damn strong. Verticals supports on the outside help as well, and the most weight will be pushing out on the bottom. Bottom is the biggest fail point. Wouldn’t bother putting the metal on the bottom, it won’t do anything and there are other barrier options that keep material in better.

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