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Conflicting Concepts in “The Conflict Of Artwork”

Simply completed studying “The Conflict Of Artwork” by Steven Pressfield and really feel there are some complicated contradictions in it;

He talks about not getting caught on a single factor, adapting alongside the trail as wanted.but in addition tells you to work on what comes “by way of you” and keep away from producing what the market or individuals need, to not fulfill anybody however your self.

He speaks of beeing a vessel for the work, giving it life like a mom to her little one, not deciding the way it comes out. Do not let the critiques impact the way you do issues. However on the similar time expects you to be goal about your work, change what wants altering and enhance what’s good, whereas exposing your self and taking criticism.

Working for the love of it and cash’s one other complicated topic;Do it for the cash since you love engaged on it – Whereas on the similar time do not do what you want with the intention to fulfill individuals’s starvation (which is doing it for the cash and adapting your self)


I will be completely happy if somebody might assist me perceive these ideas extra clearly

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  1. It’s a poorly organized and poorly articulated mess the author seemingly created out of whole cloth to just sound insightful and be ‘a guru’ at something. It exists to capitalize on a trend, not because of the author’s unique insight. There isn’t any.

    If the concepts are difficult to grasp, it’s probably because they weren’t given much thought, other than that they sounded ‘deep’. Dime store shamanism at best and not worth dissecting further, IMO.

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