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Breaking into online game manufacturing/ PM, from ebook publishing?

Hello Reddit, need assistance with this one.

I (27M) at the moment work for a big west coast ebook writer as a Gross sales Coordinator. I have been on this business for a bit over 12 months now. The business is attention-grabbing and vibrant, however the pay is not nice. I have been desirous about methods to upskill whereas working to perhaps do a profession swap in just a few years.

I’ve just a few buddies who work within the business, and so they mentioned if I am attempting to interrupt into the business go for manufacturing. Apparently what I do at work (coordinating groups, sending supplies earlier than on sale date, monitoring stock, and so on) applies to the manufacturing facet of video video games.

I have been advised to get a PMP certification, and I am contemplating including a SCRUM certificates too, however do these certificates actually assist when discovering a job within the business? What are methods I can get entangled now to study the manufacturing facet of video video games?

Thanks everybody!

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  1. I feel like this is a question you should ask your friends who work in the industry

  2. Generally video game companies do not hire non-video game project management experience directly into PM and scrum management.

    Take a look at the roles you’re thinking of and contact the studios directly.

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