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What recreation have been you tremendous excited to play, however dissatisfied when you lastly received to?

Does not essentially should be one thing that was a brand new launch. Simply something you have been tremendous hyped to lastly get your palms on, however let down by the expertise of taking part in it. And why?

For me, it may need been Mass Impact: Andromeda. I performed the Mass Impact sequence manner after it got here out (in like 2020) and had not heard a lot about Andromeda. I used to be very excited to get to the ultimate recreation within the sequence on the time — and I truly did not find yourself hating it, nevertheless it simply did not in any respect match as much as the expertise of the earlier 3 video games and I discovered myself rapidly dissatisfied getting by it.

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  1. Biomutant

    It’s like teletubies and fallout had an abortion and this was the leftover sludge.

  2. This one might get a lot of people who disagree with me, but Elden Ring.

    I’m a casual Souls fan. I don’t play every single game, and I don’t constantly replay them, but I’ve played a few of them. I love Bloodborne the most, honestly.

    I found Elden Ring boring. I feel like Souls experience, for me at least, works better with a tight linear focus.

    Before anyone says “git gud”, that wasn’t the issue. It wasn’t too hard, I was just bored.

  3. Final Fantasy XV, sadly. Followed that game religiously from E3 2006 to release, there was no way it was ever going to live up to the hype, but man was it not the same game that they announced and planned.

  4. There was a game called *Wet* back in the PS3 days. It was set up to be a third-person shooter with grindhouse overtones. Oozing with style, fun premise.

    Strong possibilities, but the final product was just a mess. The game would frequently jump-cut you into a new scenario without warning. It might be a battle royale scene, a chase, a QuickTime event, whatever, and you spent more time dying than playing until you figured out what the fuck was going on and could account for the change-up.

    Very disappointed.

  5. The last game I let myself get excited for was Tabula Rasa.

  6. I had nostalgia for rhe Langrisser games but when I picked them up again when the remaster came out they were crap and I gave up after a few hours. Total waste of money

  7. Borderlands 3. What a huge letdown compared to Borderlands 2. Way too much talking—just let me kill shit with my friends using cool guns. Nobody cares about this story written by 13 year olds.

  8. FF7 Remake. Sold a false bill of goods, it’s not a remake it’s a requal which I have no interest in.

    Kingdom Hearts 3: Plot is even more obtuse than previous entries and every fight felt the same

  9. The new Saints Row. The graphics are shit, the story is cliche, the characters are boring and cookie cutter, and it’s not even fun.

  10. Aliens Colonial Marines, man was so excited for a new Aliens game. Last one I played was Aliens Vs Predator, the one where you could play as Subject 6 alien, Predator junior hunter, or a Marine.

  11. Kerbal space program 2. So much hype, so much disappointment.

  12. Kingdom Hearts 3.

    It’s just flat.

    I don’t know how to describe the first two, but they were the opposite of flat.

    Intense disappointment, especially after years of delays.

  13. Weird West

    Thought there would be tons of customization in characters with skill trees, abilities, and weapons. Thought the story would be really engaging and interesting. Thought the combat would be deeper, requiring strategy or perhaps involving some sort of turn-based system.

    I was wrong on all accounts and totally misread what the devs were going for. It was a shame because I was so looking forward the games release. While I found the world of the game interesting, I thought combat was basic and clunky at times, and the characters and story underwhelming and uninteresting to say the least.

  14. Star wars the force unleashed 2

  15. Underworld Ascendant


  16. Anthem- fairly obvious why.

    Borderlands 3- the improvements to the core game play feel (movement, shooting, abilities) are really nice. But the story/ character writing was atrociously bad, and the content available at the time was disappointing, no raid boss, the mayhem levels were shot and forced you to have all these dumb modifiers.

  17. Brink. I imagined a completely different game based off a few pictures I saw. I was wrong.

  18. Dead Island. The trailer was so epic it painted a COMPLETELY different type of game. (Think more “The Last of Us”). What’s unfortunate is Dead Island doesn’t even really suck but the trailer was so misleading I could never enjoy it. I felt robbed, I was a poor college student at the time and the game was not easily afforded.

  19. Feels like cheating to say it, but… Spore.

  20. Undertale – hated it

    LA Noire – incredibly boring open world, and doesn’t get the noir feeling down at all, boring mission structure.

  21. Brutal Legend. It’s good as an over the shoulder 3rd person game- but the mass battles suck. (And I suck at them, too).

  22. Every edition of FIFA since about 2014

  23. This newest version of Warzone especially Resurgence, or COD as a whole. The campaign was good but the rest of the game is so so so bad. Why can’t I hear footsteps or a parachute above me? Why can I watch someone take 5-7 chest and headshots only to down me with 2-3 shots? Why can’t I slide cancel? Why is everyone just sitting in one spot hardscoping, waiting for an opponent to literally walk into their crosshairs for an easy kill?


  24. I’m sure like 99.9% of people were blasting Cyberpunk when they started playing it on consoles 🤣. That’s a recent memory.

  25. I’d say none, because I don’t generally get super hyped over anything. At least not over things I know can be disappointing.

    Like I never got hyped over Cyberpunk because the moment I heard it was gonna be open world, I already downgraded every aspect of the game by a few tiers because I know that’s how it always goes with open world games. The developers always stretch themselves thin, so no aspect of the game will end up truly amazing, and there will be bugs. So when the game launched I got exactly what I predicted and as such was able to have a really good time.

    There have been games I have been disappointed in, but not really because of hype per se. But rather because I heard good things but the game didn’t vibe with me at all. Things like Death Stranding for example.

    Maybe if there was a game I was a little bit hyped over that ended up being disappointing would be Darkest Dungeon II. But I honestly was ready for it reading the reviews. So I quickly refunded it after it didn’t spark anything for me.

  26. Jedi Survivor. I’m sure some people love it but I turned it off after a few hours and never went back.

  27. C&C Red Alert 3, after the perfection that was red alert 2 this was a huge step backwards that more or less killed the franchise. Thanks EA

  28. Control. Though I will return to it. Just caught me cold and I never grew into it.

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