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Wall mounting a TV query (s)…

I am planning to mount a 43″ LCD on my workplace. The mount I obtained some time in the past; not broad, perhaps about 24″ lengthy, full articulation.

The problem I am having is that the wall studs the place I wish to mount it is not centered for this mount. There are 3 studs that I can mount it to, however the mount can be both too far left or too far proper.

Would I have the ability to simply set up the mount utilizing the middle stud and middle mounting holes of the mount? Lag screws and washers can be used to safe the mount to the stud. Might I additionally use drywall anchors (I take advantage of Toggler SnapSkrus), together with the lag screws into the stud, for added stability?

Thanks all!

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  1. Used to hand tvs for a living. Short answer yes. Toggle bolts plus at least one lag in stud and you’ll be fine. Of course this also depends on thickness of drywall, but if it’s standard, you’ll be fine.

  2. So long as you have at least two bolts into a stud, you’re fine. I would go 2 in the stud, and one toggle on either far end, just to make sure it doesn’t flex when you articulate the mount.

  3. Full articulation suports put more strain on the wall anchor compared to a simple up-down one. Try to hit at least half the screws into studs. Or use the extra wood to brace between 2 studs. Try the suport before hanging the tv. Should not move at all at the screw side when you put some weight on it.

  4. I had an almost identical problem. Where I wanted the TV was exactly on one of the (metal) studs in my wall, and the bracket would not reach to the adjacent studs. I mounted two 19mm x 25mm hardwood rails to span a total of three studs, and mounted the TV bracket to the hardwood rails.

  5. Just commenting to ask OP to consider the height of the tv… r/tvtoohigh

    The center of the tv should be at eye level when seated. People tend to hang them way too high.

    EDIT: please tell me you aren’t planning to mount your tv over a fireplace OP…

  6. I had good luck with anchoring to a 2×4 (or 2) that is then bolted to the studs it crosses. Another inch out from the plywood suggestion, but same idea.

  7. What’s your spacing between the studs? Rocket fish makes a mount that lets you shift the tv horizontally.

  8. I have a 75” TV that I mounted using about 1&1/2” thick piece of pine lumber. Mounted the pine to the studs with lag bolts and then the tv mount to the pine. Little overkill, but I wanted to make sure the TV stayed put. The studs wouldn’t have centered correctly for where I was mounting the TV, so that was the best solution I could come up with.

  9. Screw a ledger board across the studs (2 or all 3) and mount the TV mount to the ledger board.

  10. Are you talking current 43″tv that is 20lbs or a mid 2000s 43″ tv that weighs 50+?

    The articulating arm puts extra strain on it. If it’s the lighter, you’d be find with 2 lags in the stud and an anchor for stability. If it’s the heavy one I’d be more hesitant, and stick with a fixed mount.

  11. A 43″ tv is pretty light; there are a bunch of mounts for sub $50 that only mount onto a single stud in two spots:

    View post on

    Alternatively, a lot of nicer mounts have an off-set bar to slide the actual TV back and forth 10″ or so in order to compensate for off-centre mounting.

    I have a 43″ on a single-stud mount from monoprice and it hasn’t moved an inch. Mind you, it is a pretty cheap “dumb” TV that weighs like 9lbs but they work great.

  12. mount 2 pcs of wood horizontally across 2 studs where you want your device

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