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Tile Towards Exterior Door Threshold

**Query: is it a foul concept to tile proper as much as the door threshold?**

I am re-tiling an entryway which can elevate the ground top. The photograph under reveals the un-mounted hardie and tile pattern in opposition to the door threshold.

Is it a foul concept to tile proper as much as the door threshold? There’s room for the door to open if I do that. Ultimately I will change the edge (it is a bit worn out), however wish to make {that a} later drawback.

I am additionally planning to chop the underside of the door and add a rubber door seal. I already eliminated the one which was there, it was previous and fairly ineffective.

Any recommendation/ideas could be useful.


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  1. If youre already there, might as well do it right. You said you would like to make this a later problem, but I promise you later it will be a bigger problem. IT is not easy to remove the threshold when the tile is dry without damaging anything

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