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Spiderman 2 seems loopy disappointing

How do you make a sequel to an authentic that got here out on final gen and it seems hardly advanced in any respect? Graphically this seems on par with spiderman ps4, and remastared/miles morales actually seems higher to me.

Now we have GTA 4 to GTA 5, they appear generations aside, as a result of they’re.

Notorious 2 and notorious second son, generations aside and look it too.

How the hell does insomniac have this to point out for years of quiet? It seems like identical technology sequel, if we’re being beneficiant.

They touted that they will be utilizing the total energy of the ps5? I do not see it. Horizon FW was crossgen and regarded extra new gen than this.

Wtf is occurring with gaming, we’re 3 years in and we solely have, what, 2 precise new gen video games to point out for it? Covid is an element however come on man.

Comments ( 14 )

  1. Here comes the whining…

    It has enough improvement, but you’re too blind to see.

  2. Oh, fuck off.

    We’ve barely seen anything of Spider-Man 2. Shut your goddamned mouth until it’s actually released, you goddamned Xbox shill.

  3. Don’t try fishing, you obviously don’t know anything about bait.

  4. What? As long as there’s no frame rate issues or lagging, how could you possibly be mad?

  5. Think this generation is going to be focusing more on FPS than resolution. Consoles need to have a give and take with those two. I thought it looked fine, it doesn’t need to push graphics to be fun.

  6. Overblown much? It looks fine relax.

  7. ngl but youre right bruh. the game looks slightly better than the last one graphically. its a real shame that the gaming industry have scraped the bottom of the barrel to produce garbage like this no cap bruh. if only games were like in the 80s when they were good and made gamers think with their heads instead of todays gamers who are all normies who will accept very low standard garbage frfr bruh no cap lulw

  8. This is what happens when you don’t have a single clue about how technology works and clearly don’t even take the time to watch experts like Digital Foundry talk about it.

    Animation and quality of internal assets are what dictates how good something will look alongside lighting and similar stylistic choices.

    Most game developers were NOT pushing the envelope in previous generations and are STILL playing catch up. So when they get good looking facial animations and such it isn’t a new generation improvement its them catching up to previous generation capabilities. This is unlike PS2 to 3 or PS3 to 4 generational leaps where the tech leap was enormous.

    Spiderman shares asset libraries between games and those libraries are already of very high quality this means that the improvements between titles are going to be much more nuanced and focus on technical details that non-expert eyes will easily miss. Quality of Ray-tracing, crisp detail level of higher resolution, stable FPS held at perfect 60FPS are the types of improvements of the current generation alongside the fact that it doesn’t take an entire MINUTE to load the damn levels which represents a drastic improvement in technical performance.

    Also the PS5 version of Spiderman already kicks the teeth off the PS4 version so your argument has zero merit. Spiderman 2 will likely show improvements over even the previous PS5 Spider Man 1 though they will be much more nuanced.

    Maybe you should spend some time actually looking at side by side PS4/PS5 port comparisons to see just how much BETTER the PS5 versions of Spiderman, God of War, Horizon FW, etc ACTUALLY are because there IS a substantial difference there.

  9. Infamous Second Son?? What a piece of shit compared to Infamous 2. Hope a zombie outbreak never happens near where you live, they would starve.

  10. You know about the law of diminishing returns?

    That one of the reason games hardly evolved in the last 10 years.


    The leap from PS1 to PS2 was huge, but the leap from PS2 to PS3 was smaller.

    Then the leap from PS3 to PS4 was even smaller

  11. i do agree that i thought the game would look better being PS5 only, but i guess i was wrong.

    won’t stop me from enjoying it though. it better run at a buttery smooth 60fps though.

  12. The fanboys are crucifying you but I agree. Miles Morales and PS4 remastered look better visually than this.

    Not to mention that the animations all look… The exact same. You would’ve expected the combat and swinging to have a different feel – but it’s really just the same. Except you can fly now?

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