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Me Earlier than You – Jojo Moyes (spoilers, random ideas)

I’ve a love/hate relationship with this novel. On one hand, I used to be captivated by the story and characters— romance isn’t my go-to style however I used to be definitely swept away by Lou’s predicament and the way she confronted adversity.

Nonetheless, the ending by no means sat proper with me. I grew up with a mom who has been in a wheelchair virtually since she was born and who at the moment advocates for equal rights for disabled members of the neighborhood. I *nearly* advisable this guide to her earlier than I acquired to the ending. I consider the message of the story perpetuates a kind of stigma towards disabled individuals. It’s saying that life isn’t price residing if they’re put in a bodily state, that there isn’t a strategy to overcome adversity, and that one of the best factor to do is throw within the towel, which I feel is totally bonkers.

Would love some extra perception on the topic from different factors of view! 😁

Comments ( 2 )

  1. I could see how you would see it that way. My perception was that it was giving him the freedom to choose. So many things in life feel out of our control but at the end of the day it all comes down to choices we make.

  2. I understand why you think this way and immediately think about your mother. However, I don’t agree. Disabilities and illnesses are individual, as are all people. We come from different backgrounds, we have different circumstances, expectations, views on life, personalities etc. We all deserve a choice. One person choosing to do something you never would does not mean that one of you is wrong. A person deciding to leave their life in the most dignified manner they can think of does not mean that the life of a person with the same disability is not worth living. All that matters is that person’s opinion. What anyone else thinks about their life and its worth is irrelevant.

    As for Will specifically, he was in **constant** agony, and it would only get worse and worse. There was absolutely zero chance of him ever improving. His choice is horribly painful for those who love him, but if you love someone, you wouldn’t want them to live and suffer just for you, right? I think it’s very insensitive to call it ‘throwing in the towel’. I have been where Will was, mentally, and it’s not giving up so much as being desperate for the pain to stop.

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