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LPT: You may discover saying “Good to see you” is a helpful different to saying “Good to fulfill you”, as it really works in case you’ve by no means met the individual or in case you’ve beforehand met them however forgot.

On multiple event when being launched to somebody and me saying “Good to fulfill you”, the opposite individual talked about that we had in reality beforehand met. Not an enormous deal, however I positively felt just a little embarrassed in these moments.

My technique to keep away from this from occurring once more has been to switch “Good to fulfill you” with “Good to see you”.

In my opinion, “Good to see you” is a pleasant one-size-fits-all greeting which works whether or not now we have beforehand met or not.

***LPT disclaimer:*** *Your mileage might range. Be happy to make use of this tip. Really feel equally as free to not use it.*

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Irish goodbye all day brotha ✌🏼

  2. I’m not sure how other people feel about it, but “Good to see you.” doesn’t feel right to say to someone I have never met before (i.e. in my mind, implies “good to see you *again*”). Worst case scenario, it could give the impression that the person reminds me of someone else or could make them suddenly feel the panic of possibly having met *me* before but forgotten. In most situations, this will not lead to any kind of trouble, but it doesn’t eliminate the possibility of awkwardness, just shifts it to the other person.

    Personally, I just go with a friendly, “Hi, how are you?” in situations where I am unsure. If I need to remember that person’s name, though, God help me…

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