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LPT Request: How Can I Translate the Recipes in a Dutch Cookbook?

Whats up! I’ll preface by saying: **I do know nothing.**

I used to be gifted a [Dutch cookbook]( however I can not learn, communicate, or perceive Dutch.

I need to use the cookbook however I want a dependable option to translate the textual content, elements lists, *in addition to* all of the instructions (some apps I’ve tried crumble when translating paragraphs.)

Any solutions on what to do? The 4 apps I’ve tried have been:
1) [Google Translate](
2) [Translate](
3) [TranslateZ](
4) [WordsLens](

They’ve all confirmed to be too clumsy & unintuitive when translating a web page from the cookbook. (However when you’ve had success with these apps – please share your ideas!)

The title of the ebook is ‘*Dosia Bakt Vegan*.’ She additionally has an [amazing website]( that’s in English however cooking from my assortment of cookbooks is an act of self-care that brings me a lot pleasure, so I’d love to have the ability to join with my Dutch cookbook.

Any assist is far appreciated! 🙏🥲

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Clumsy and unintuitive? Do you mean the translation was bad or that you just didn’t like having to scan each page?

    You could scan the page, then convert it to text in an OCR app, be sure to select Dutch as the language on the OCR. Then translate that using a normal text translation app.
    Example OCR: never used this one so you would have to find a good one that works.

  2. Just learn Dutch, fivehead. Duolingo ftw.

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