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LPT: Bypass Free Wifi restrict in public places- Change Mac Deal with

This trick is so easy, but most individuals do not appear to realize it. In public locations the place the free wifi is time restricted and the system doesn’t moreover use SMS verification, for instance. In these instances you solely want to vary the Mac handle of the gadget. There are some instruments for this, however usually it’s also doable within the settings of the gadget. On the iPhone, for instance, underneath Wi-Fi – Personal Deal with (disable) provides you with a brand new, on this case the true, handle. This works for nearly all cell gadgets, simply google how one can change the mac handle.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. But my free WiFi ran out, how can I google how to change the MAC address /s

  2. So I gotta download an app for Android to do this?

  3. On many Android phones, you can go to the stopped WiFi settings and enable “random Mac address”

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