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I’m hyped much more for PS5!

After watching the Ps digital showcase I’ve obtained to say that they did a superb job at their very own reveals and displays for upcoming unique video games coming to the platform. An trustworthy win too.

The video games they revealed which are exclusives and never which have me excited are:

Helldivers 2-A good bigger emphasis on paying tribute and homage to Starship Troopers which will likely be performed from a 3rd particular person perspective as a substitute of prime down.

Metallic Gear Strong: Snake Eater-Which is superior as a PS5 unique, however them including the primary three authentic video games to the Ps library this fall is even higher actually for newcomers and followers.

Silent Hill 2 Remake-Story goes to be the identical with some modernized fight with higher particulars.

Alan Wake II-Appears to be like like its going to be a a lot darker and scarier expertise this time round than the unique. Additionally a playable set of FBI brokers investigating agent Nightingales loss of life, with Sam Lake portraying one with James McCaffrey voice.

Phantom Blade 0-Appears to be like completely ridiculous within the gray/darkish coloration palette but it surely seems to be so motion packed and enjoyable as a 3rd particular person Sword sport.

Armored Core 6-Its Mechs and superior fight sequences with an emphasis on inventive mech customization from the Souls Creators 😀

Spiderman 2-Tony “Candyman” Todd as Venom, Kraven The Hunter coming to New York to hunt Spiderman and the opposite heroes, The Lizard as a villain facet story, Switching again between Spiderman and Miles Morales within the storyline, and a a lot darker narrative too.

Good job Sony you bought me hyped and excited for the subsequent lineup of video games.

Comments ( 9 )

  1. Spider-Man was the most interesting out of the bunch, but I think you are in the minority on this showcase being that exciting and creating hype. Yeah it was better than Xbox’s showcase, but what a low bar to beat. Honestly, outside of a few standout games, this generation has been a bust.

  2. In my opinion it’s the opposite, currently xbox has starfield and will have the elden scrolls as exclusives which still have a big fanbase on playstation

    Playstation on the other doesn’t have a clear future with the biggest exclusives being only spiderman and FF16.

    Spiderman and basically every superheroe-related game fit in a category where they appeal to a younger audience but not to an adult one, I think batman is the only exception here

    ff16 while big it’s nowhere near comparable to ToTK or starfield, and we all know that square isn’t doing that well currently due do debatable business decisions, so again, while big it’s not a console seller and sony desperately needs one for 2024/25 or it will all go downhill like xbox with xbox one

  3. >Playstation digital showcase

    In comparsion to 2022 it was a bit dissapointed for me.

  4. I thnk you are the only one lol.

  5. Only 2 of those are PS exclusive

  6. This showcase was on par with E3 2006. IF they don’t show something by the time FF7R2 releases I’m selling this. Cannot believe they had the audacity to show a movie trailer in a showcase about games. 3 PS games 2 CGI trailers. They have their heads so far up their asses we need MS to show out this is ridiculous

  7. MGS is comí out on Xbox and pc day one as well. A lot of the games in the showcase are multi platform. Even marathon is multi.

  8. it was a decent showing.

    And MGS Snake Eater is not an exclusive.

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