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How finest to guard uncovered rafters from rotting additional?

We now have a 1970’ish house that has a balcony on prime of rafters that stretch from the house. Through the years, there was some fairly dangerous rot on these rafters. Particularly close to the tip of it since there was extra water there. I didn’t DIY this, we employed of us to come back in and repair the balcony. A number of contractors had completely different approaches, those we went with finally defined that they see this drawback usually in our area and so they sandwiched these boards with new strain handled boards subsequent to it. For the reason that first few foot of the boards remains to be completely wonderful, there have been no considerations.

This all is completed and it seems nice. I’ve some thought on wanting to place anti-rot on the boards although, to guard it from getting worse. After all of the choices, I fear I am unsure about what I needs to be prioritizing. I see many ‘options’ that focus totally on water repellent, however not many which can be rot resisistant. Those which can be appear to be centered on woodworking.

Is there a de-facto resolution that people like for above-ground wooden?

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  1. Borate treatments will likely keep the wood from decomposing further.

    Both system-3 and Abatron have epoxy-based kits for remediating (dry) damaged wood, and filling in areas that are missing.

    System-3’s is called Rotfix
    Abatron’s is their Wood Restoration Kit (Has Liquidwood and WoodEpox)

    Make sure to use your PPE/safety gear. Both falls and epoxy have no sense of humor.

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