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Doing a Fake Stone Veneer Wall becoming a member of to a Slate Tile Flooring – How do I join them?

Dumb reply out of the way in which first. I’ll “Be a part of” them with Silicone, since it’s a transition, probably not the query I’m trying to reply.

If this was Tile to Tile there would not be an enormous problem, however since that is random formed stone, and I might want to minimize a few of them, I simply cannot give you a superb plan.

* Will it look dumb simply utilizing a tile noticed on the underside of the stones? And since these are pretend stone, they’re concrete, so solely the floor appears to be like like stone, so I am unable to bevel the minimize or something like that since it will expose the gray concrete below the floor.
* How far above the tile do I depart them? Tile has a 5/8″ spacing, Stone will likely be nearer to an inch, however is irregular formed, so can have above an inch in some locations I’m certain.
* How do I grout the gaps between the stones, however not get it right down to the Tile flooring? Ought to I put a chunk of plastic or one thing in there, that I can peel out after the Grout has hardened a bit, then I can fill the house with Silicone?

Thanks for any ideas. I’ve looked for fairly some time, however the phrases are far too generic and I simply get Find out how to tile a flooring, or set up Stone veneer, by no means a superb instance of connecting them, particularly with the tile already put in.

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  1. I don’t think you need to grout and silicone where the 2 materials come together unless there is a concern with large amounts of water on a regular basis, like a kitchen counter in slate and a backsplash in faux stone.

    Due to the faux stone, making a clean line on the bottom is tricky and you will probably end up damaging a number of the wall pieces (all depending on their quality, and how much cement was actually used to make them). Some cut like butter with a wetsaw and don’t chip at the edges, but other brands have edges that crumble and chip when someone sneezes in another room.

    Depending on the final design “look” that you are going for, maybe consider a set space between the wall stone and the floor and match the slate color for a grout band in this area. Start the tile up 2″ and allow the bottom course of the wall stone to vary and dip down into this space. Depending on the colors of the slate and the stone you could do a color match grout on the slate (Mapei and other have a staggering selection of premade grout colors) and carry that color up the wall 2″.

    For protecting the floor, it depends on the size of the wall you are grouting. I usually slap down a few sheets of masonite for floor protection when grouting, but in a pinch, or an odd shape I have taped down Ram Board. Just know it cant be reused very easily and doesn’t like a lot of wet mortar sitting on it for long periods. I have also used old drop cloths, but only when I dont mind throwing them out after a mortar or plastering job.

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