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Did individuals not like Psychonauts 2?

Earlier than you remark yelling at me for asking what could look like a extremely dumb query, I do have a motive for asking this in the event you learn what I’ve to say.

I’ve been taking part in Psychonauts 2 just lately and I’ve been having a blast with it. As a sport, it’s sort of simply high quality, however for instance of inventive individuals utilizing the benefits of the medium of gaming to inform tales in cool and distinctive methods, it’s a fucking marvel to behold and simply one of many strongest video games narratively and artistically that I’ve performed.

Nevertheless, one thing actually caught out to me taking part in it on Xbox. For a sport that acquired good evaluations and one which lots of people appear to like so much, an incredibly low share of people that play the sport get wherever in it. Going by the Xbox achievements, solely about 47% of gamers beat Dr. Loboto’s stage. For reference, that is the OPENING TUTORIAL LEVEL. Like we’re speaking half-hour into the sport at most. I imagine I’m about 50-60% of the way in which by way of the sport now (I’m on the Bob’s Bottles stage) and solely round 15% of gamers get that far (going by the achievements once more)

I’m curious if this sport perhaps didn’t resonate with a extra normal gaming crowd. Clearly there’s a considerable group of people that performed the sport, liked it, and are tremendous keen about it. It’s clearly a sport that resonated with lots of people, myself included, however was questioning if it simply didn’t for lots of different individuals and perhaps attempt to see why which may be. Or perhaps Xbox achievements are only a horrible metric for figuring out how far gamers are literally moving into the video games they play. Or perhaps it’s simply the Xbox neighborhood particularly that simply wasn’t too into this sport and the completion charges are larger on PlayStation and Steam. Nonetheless an attention-grabbing query I feel

Comments ( 9 )

  1. Isn’t Psychonauts 2 on game pass?

    If a game is available for free a lot of people will be downloading out of pure curiosity rather than actual interest for the game. On top of this there’s not necessarily any drive to finish it as you have no financial investment in it. I wouldn’t be surprised if most games on game pass have a very steep drop off after the opening hours.

  2. Sometimes these achievements can bug out. They are not the best way to see if a game is doing well.

    There was a game, i don’t remember the name, where the first achievement you could get was also at the tutorial, and that had something like 40% completion rate, but the second one which you get by defeating the first boss was like 70%.

  3. There’s a lot of Playstation games where 30% of people didn’t even get the first achievement in the game.

    Could be a number of factors honestly. Maybe somepeoppe only connected online to update the game or they didn’t like it and stopped playing. Or they could have downloaded the game and not gotten around to it.

    Loads of reasons and Achivements doesn’t indicate anything really. Hell there are achievements where the first achievement is to load up the game, and there are people who don’t even have that.

  4. Last time I looked, the price was ridiculous so I never bought it

  5. It’s the gamepass effect, Gamepass subscribers usually play a game for a few hours and then drop it.

  6. Having just finished the game on Steam (just 3 achievements shy of doing the full thing), the game really, really assumes that you know every single thing about its 2 predecessors, and I think that’s kind of a turn-off.

    Yes there is a short recap video included, but that’s just the most cliff notes version of it all.

  7. A lot of times, quests on Gamepass/Playstation Stars will require you to boot up a game and little more, so a lot of people who just aren’t interested in playing the game are contributing to the statistics.

  8. The game is 97% overwhelmingly positive on steam. I think it’s fair to say people absolutely loved it. It’s just a niche genre and a niche game overall for it’s tone, world, setting, art, etc.

    It’s just the way it goes. Like an amazing indie film. It’s great but people are going to see fast and furious ten times more.

  9. I love it. One of the best Platformer.

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