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Are the Halo video games value taking part in for the primary time?

Earlier than you immediately say sure.

I have already got the master-chief assortment and I already tried taking part in a bit.

And I understand how nearly everybody who performed this sport cherished it and it is nostalgic and so forth and so forth however from my humble opinion and do not get upset at this I discover it a little bit boring taking part in “outdated” fps video games, not that the Halo video games are outdated, and never that I did not attempt or play a bunch of video games already.

I performed the outdated COD video games and whereas I cherished the story and sure missions the sport itself wasn’t that enjoyable, as a result of go away apart the nostalgia it is 2023 and the general high quality of video games like COD World at conflict for instance has improved a lot.

And I performed a bunch of video games which might be thought of “outdated” and even simply 2010-2014 “outdated” it is simply I do not know if it is value taking part in by means of the Grasp-Cheif assortment or not, I had the identical drawback attempting to play COD black ops 1 and nonetheless have not actually superior within the story although I do know the Black ops video games are superb.

Comments ( 9 )

  1. Yes. 1-Reach are phenomenal. Play on hard mode and just enjoy the world. All the 343 games are booty cheeks.

  2. I played through MCC recently, it was … enjoyable (2 had a really whacky soundtrack) but there were a lot of things about it that I couldn’t enjoy after playing more modern shooters.

    If you already have the game though I’d say go for it, the games aren’t too long, though some parts are long as hell (like that one archive level in the first one).

  3. Halo 1, 2, 3, and Reach are all great games but ultimately no game is really worth it if you’re not having fun with it and you have to force yourself to play it.

    Depending on how much you’ve tried you might give it another go, maybe try a different difficulty to see if that clicks better. If you just wanna see the story you could always try a lower difficulty and just mow everything down.

  4. I loved the campaign of Halo and I think it is always good. I find the graphics are still good, especially the newer ones. I don’t like the multiplayer on it though. I prefer COD for that. COD advanced warfare zombies is amazing. Expensive since you need all the zombie levels but it is killer!

  5. The first 2 games on MCC aren’t good, better to play the originals

  6. These games are amazing,

    But it’s okay if you don’t want to play them.

  7. I would recommend putting halo 1+2 on hold until you’re more invested in the story. It’s really, really good but the gameplay is certainly outdated. Start with halo reach, a prequel with vastly expanded combat options and IMO the best game in the halo catalogue. If that gets you into it, do ODST next, then start with the originals. I promise if there’s anything to get a new player into the franchise without jumping ahead in the story, its Reach.

  8. I liked Halo 1 and 2 and Reach. But I’ve never played them via MCC. So I couldn’t tell you if MCC does a good job porting them or not.

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