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Which audiobook narrators actually elevate the books they’re studying to some extent the place it marketedly improves the expertise?

Okay, so I typically want studying a e-book correctly. There is no such thing as a larger expertise than connecting firsthand one-on-one with a great e-book, imo.

Nevertheless, when you’ve gotten just a few books on the go otherwise you wish to whereas away lengthy journeys or attending to sleep with a great e-book, then the audiobook choice is a should.

Audiobooks might be robust to select from. There are many unhealthy narrators who bore me to dying and appear to drone on, killing all the enjoyment from the novel…

Nevertheless, there are some nice ones who actually deliver the books to life and actually improve the expertise. Arguably enhancing on the writer’s work.

So, which narrators do you suppose actually improve their work? Please embody the books they pair nicely with, together with the writer’s title.

I will embody my high three:

Santino Fontana – as Joe Goldberg within the You collection (Caroline Kepnes). The prose are so humorous. He actually brings them to life with so many various inflections and inventive selections. Plus, he is a top-notch actor and may be very convincing, it is exhausting to separate the character from the voice.

Stephen Fry – in all probability probably the most high-profile narrator of all time with the Harry Potter collection. Some completely iconic voices. He actually knew when to boost the environment and made the extra malevolent characters so scary. Presently, listening to him narrate Animal Farm after which will progress onto 1984 (two novels I’m ashamed to say have at all times been on my bucket record).

Steven Pacey – The First Legislation collection (Joe Abercrombie). The man has an entire forged of characters in his backpocket. It is superb how different he’s and the way inventive his selections are by way of the voices – even when they’re geographically jumbled, they match the characters so nicely. He is actually pairs nicely with Abercrombie’s darkish, sinister sense of humour.

Comments ( 46 )

  1. Simon Vance is excellent, whatever he is reading.

  2. Scott Brick and George Guidall are wonderful.

  3. Jefferson Mays (The Expanse), and James Marsters (The Dresden Files). Both are amazing, though James admittedly takes a few books to find his stride.

  4. Grover Gardner, such a wonderful voice. Steve Fry once described himself “I have the voice of an Oxford Don, my vocal chords are made of tweed”

  5. Tim Pigott-Smith reading Graham Greene, Jim Norton reading Joyce and Flann O’Brien, Julian Rhind-Tutt reading The Master and Margarita, anything by Michael Kitchen. Writers who can only read their own books would be David Sedaris, Neil Gaiman and Donna Tartt.

  6. Ray Porter – I’ve listened to a lot of science fiction books he’s narrated like Project Hail Mary and the Bobiverse series. He’s also narrated some non-fiction like Rocketmen, the story of Apollo 8 which I found fascinating.

  7. I have listened to several different narrators on my Audible books, but my all-time favorite is Gemma Whelan, who narrated Jessica Townsend’s Nevermoor series. Every character, no matter how insignificant, has his own voice. She really brought the characters to life.

  8. Everything I’ve ever heard by Luke Daniels has been fantastic.

  9. Lord of the Rings is excellent as it is, but I just really love Andy Serkis’ particular interpretation of the trilogy as audiobooks.

  10. Wil Wheaton does a really good job if the book is mostly from one perspective. He doesn’t seem to do varied voices but he’s very animated. The audio quality on the ones he narrates are also superb. It kinda takes me out of it when it just sounds like they’re speaking into a microphone.

  11. The Dresden files. James marstyrs is an absolute legend

  12. I love Tim Curry’s narration. He elevated A Christmas Carol. Perfection!

  13. I legitimately dont even really like Circe or The Starless Sea that much when I read them and yet they’re my most listened to audiobooks.

    Our Wives Under the Sea and Neverwhere are great as both.

  14. I love Rebecca Soler. She’s a lot of fun and really breathes life into the characters!

  15. Generally? Actors. They know how to recite text in a way that sounds natural, like someone is telling you a story, rather than reading you a book. Tom Hanks (The Dutch House), Rosamund Pike (Pride and Prejudice), Rachel McAdams (Anne of Green Gables), Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings), and Stephen Fry (Harry Potter) all do a great job.

  16. As soon as I read the question I thought of Stephen Fry also lol

  17. I like it when an author reads his/her own words.

  18. Anything Neil Gaiman. He’s as brilliant as a narrator as he is an author.

  19. Adjoa Andoh, she narrates The Power by Naomi Alderman and it was an incredible experience.

  20. Neil Gaiman, Stephen Fry (probably No.1). Also, Bill Bryson reading his own books is very good. They are all his anecdotes and humor – no one better to read through……

  21. Robert Glennister and Simon Prebble. And, if you like ASOIAF, Roy Dotrice has a whole world of people in his throat.

  22. Jeff Hays in Dungeon Crawler Carl

    The whole concept of DCC is ridiculous and I expected to dislike this series because of it. Instead Hays elevated it to a hilariously magical experience that left me laughing out loud at times (which almost never happens in any medium) and talking along with the narration in parts where you know the line that’s coming.

    I’ve listened to thousands of audiobooks and Hays in DCC is by far the best I’ve heard. So great that #2 is a distant second.

  23. I enjoyed everything I’ve ever heard Gerard Doyle or Jim Dale narrate.

    Neil Gaiman does a lot of his own narrations, and he’s SO good.

  24. Robin Kimmerer reading her own books-Braiding Sweetgrass and Gathering Moss. She has the most soothing narration I’ve ever heard.

  25. Tim Curry and Jeremy Irons, because they are fantastic actors with voices like butter. Neil Gaiman is another fave.

    I also like to hear people read their own autobiographies.

  26. I really liked The Dutch House read by Tom Hanks. Other than that the readers of The City We Became NK Jemison and the Imperial Radch space opera series by Anne Lecke!!!!

  27. I strongly believe that listening to a book is also “reading a book properly.”

    Simon Vance. I often speed up the narration because I’m impatient, but Mr. Vance does such a wonderful job with someone like Guy Gavriel Kay, I don’t. I want to hear that lovely prose read beautifully.

    Juliet Stevenson. So very, very good. And such a beautiful voice.

    I still enjoy Nigel Planer and Stephen Briggs versions of the Discworld books.

    Simon Prebble. He just gets the job done.

  28. Stefan Rudnicki and Scott Brick for me. They feature together on some of the Ender’s Game books, and I could listen to those two read anything.

  29. Julia Whelan is great and I generally enjoy the style of books she reads. Whenever I’m looking for a new audiobook without something specific in mind, I’ll see what’s available on Libby that she reads.

    I also have a soft spot for celebrity memoirs when the authors read their own books.

  30. Edward Herrmann for anything historical nonfiction. RIP.

  31. Kevin r free. Start with Murderbot series. Also, Richard Armitage reading anything, but esp. David Copperfield.

  32. For my money I would listen to Kate Reading and Michael Kramer read the phone book. Their reading of the Wheel of Time, is the cherry on top of a masterpiece. Just awesome.

  33. The First Law books narrated by Stephen Pacey is honestly one of the greatest pieces of media I’ve ever consumed. I try to recommend it any chance I get. No one takes the bait. Please people……please listen to these books.

  34. I really love Robin Miles. She reads NK Jemisin’s books and has such a great voice. In The City We Became, she does this creepy laugh for the villain that Gabe me goosebumps every single time. I’ll get an audiobook just to listen to her.

  35. steven weber narrating it by stephen king

  36. I read Becoming by Michelle Obama and went to tell my sibling about it. She said she had listened to it on audiobooks with Michelle doing the reading herself. That must be something for her fans!

  37. Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir, read by Ray Porter

    Pet Semetary by Stephen King, read by Michael C. Hall

    Mountain Man series of books by Keith Blackmore, read by RC Bray

    The Passage Trilogy and The Ferryman, by Justin Cronin and read by Scott Brick (I don’t get the Brick hate, still feel like I’m missing something there…)

    I also dig Will Payton narrating anything, but I’m stoked Justine Lupe is reading Holly by Stephen King, out in September.

  38. Neil Gaiman. Hands down. Anything he writes and narrates.

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