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Searching for low cost indie video games with low system necessities

Hello, I am in search of extra indie video games to play underneath $30 which have steam score

Some video games I’ve already performed and beloved: Stardew, Hole Knight, Blasphemous, Valheim, Amid Evil, Undertale, Signalis

Some video games I’m excited by: Gloomwood, Chained Echoes, Hyper Gentle Drifter, Crosscode

I’m not huge on Roguelikes, I do not just like the repetition. I attempted Hades and Useless Cells however they did not click on with me.

Are there any extra well-liked, effectively reviewed indie video games much like those I’ve named? Ideally stuff that runs on any {hardware}.


Comments ( 12 )

  1. Short game but I really enjoyed “Yes, your grace” – PC/Xbox only but could run on a potato

  2. Disco Elysium, Hat in Time, Celeste, Anodyne 2, Dusk, Pathologic 2

    some of my favs

  3. CrossCode, Unsighted, A Hat in Time, Signalis, Afterimage, Aeterna Noctis, Eastward.

    Highly recommend CrossCode and Signalis.

  4. The 2 Ori games. 100% eye cleaning solution. They will leave you feeling empty

  5. If you liked Amid Evil you might enjoy HROT. It’s a Quake-like late-soviet-era-set shooter that I am deeply enjoying due to being from Ukraine and recognizing a lot of callbacks to how things used to be around soviet republics.

    It’s very simple, filled with tons of secrets, some of which are anti-socialist kind of funny and with enjoyable fast-paced bloodshed. Pretty cheap, also.


  6. I’d recommend Lamentum if you like survival horror. Not too scary but the survival part is really well made. Good enough of a story as well.

  7. I keep recommending this game, I’ll add a short description and a long one, so if you are interested you can read the long one, but if you are not just skip the last paragraph.

    “Voices Of The Void” is an indie game on with the “make your own price” formula.
    It’s similar to signal simulator, the main catch is analyzing the different audio signals received on tiur antennas and properly fixing problems in your equipment as well as upgrading it.

    Long description: it will have very minor spoilers, just to give a hint of what the game is.
    While you mantain the equipment and manage your hunger and sleep schedule you’ll also be subject to many different randomic events, the fun in the game mostly comes from this, there is something out there, you just don’t ever know what it if it is dangerous.
    There will be dream sequences, misterious sounds, possibly some spooky moments.
    I like to call this genre “atmospheric horror”, it builds up tension but it never really delivers a massive dumb jumpscare, there is no need for that.

    If you end up liking the game, please just toss a coin to the developer, he used to update the game a lot and now it’s been a while, i am worried he might lose interest in the project but it would be a shame because, as it is, it is a very good platform for creativity, he could add any kind of space signal, after all there are already a lot of easter eggs and references.

  8. I suggest you try “The Long Drive”
    It soes have alot of bugs but its really fun and i thas mutiplayer that is still being fixed

  9. I don’t know if it’s still in the price range (it should be): OMORI.

    Prepare for emotions, the game has some brutal stuff in it despite the simple looks. I don’t think it deserves to be called a “horror” title, it’s more oppressive and dark than outright spooky.

    I also recommend LISA: The Painful RPG. You get what the title says.

    If you like survival: Darkwood.

    If you want a platformer: The Messenger.

  10. I really like the survival genre. So I really like the MP Don’t Starve Together game. The MP Forest is an amazing survival scary crafting game. I would even replay that with you if you get it. Minecraft even but I’m sure you played that already. Also not sure how low your PC is power wise but if it can Subnautica the original is one of the best underwater indie survival ever love that game. Portal is another good one if your PC can handle it.

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