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My girlfriend is a guide lover and I’ve an incomplete concept for a proposal that I would love assist with

My girlfriend has a favourite guide retailer on the town we frequent and he or she’s at all times giddy choosing out new ones so as to add to her assortment. Lately, the guide retailer began a show desk with thriller books wrapped in plain brown paper with a quote or quick description together with the style in brackets on the backside. This conceals what the guide is and provides to her pleasure of discovering a guide she could not have initially thought-about.

I really feel like this has potential for a artistic proposal. I used to be considering of placing some sort of intelligent quote or description together with her identify in it on a guide lined with brown paper to attract her eye the subsequent time I take her. I may plan to take her proper once they open on a non-busy day so hopefully there is not anybody else round (possibly an individual or two) and inform the guide retailer forward of time so they might seize a photograph for us (I do know she desires this).

The problem is I am undecided what sort of guide I need to wrap contained in the brown paper. I regarded on the ‘story of us’ create-a-book web sites on-line and wasn’t precisely thrilled with what’s on the market. We do not have very many photographs collectively (we’re horrible at remembering to try this). I do not assume I actually need to hole out a guide both (looks as if a waste).

Any concepts on what I may put in there or use because the guide? Maybe a journal with the primary web page stuffed out like “The adventures of So and So start now. I can not wait to write down them collectively. Will you marry me?” with the remainder of it clean? Or a journal crammed with a few of our favourite dates/recollections?

What do you guys assume?

Edit: Wow this actually blew up haha you guys are so healthful with your whole concepts and asking for updates in a while. What an ideal group you’ve right here

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  1. I love the idea of the blank journal. Perhaps you can get a custom cover made with stamped leather with your names

  2. I think the blank journal is a good idea! Alternatively, you could get a special copy of her favorite book and hide the ring between the pages/wrapped together with the book in a second wrapping (depending on the size of the ring)

  3. I just have one question… do you have a brother or perhaps an uncle that is available?

  4. I love this idea.

    I have a general suggestion if you want to use a book over a journal: so far, the location is about her so selecting a book should be about *you*. A book you have read and want to share with her because you want to share your life with her. Include a note explaining the reasons you want to share that book and life with her. After she reads the note, you can propose and present the ring.

  5. hey hey heyyyy hear me out!!!

    how about a box that looks like a book? I mean~ have you watched those reels where they just carve something inside a book?? Since she’s a book lover, she might not like a book that has been destroyed ~ hence you can try getting a blank book or a book filled with i love yous and stuff, carved in a way so that it can store a ring inside ^ ^ (idk if carving is the correct word to be used but yeah)

    you can even add yalls fav moments and yk just stuff written by you~ be it your words of affirmation or a cute lengthy paragraph where you’ve written everything that’s in your mind or heart!!! Oh and please remember to add these pages at the end~ not in the beginning because she should see the RING as soon as she opens the booook!!!

    AND last but not the least don’t forget to arrange her fav flowers and other favourite stuff beforehand💅🏻❤️ ALL THE BEST WITH THE PROPOSAL!!!!

  6. Gahhh, this is just too cute. I saw something just like this at a bookstore I visited recently too and it was so much fun reading all the descriptions of the mystery books and guessing what the book could be. 
 Are you trying to go stealth on the proposal until she unwraps the book? I think it would be fun to have the cover be some sort of quote, key phrases, description, and/or drawing of something personal to you guys in order to make her want to get that specific one. 
 As for the inside, I love the blank journal idea. My only thought is, is she a writer/journaler? If she’s not big on it, a whole journal might be hard to keep with over the years. Writing down your proposal thoughts for her to read on the first page is super sweet! Also love the significant dates!! That way she can look back on it forevs ❤️ 
Another thought (since you mentioned that you guys don’t have a lot of photos together and you’re going to get one taken for the proposal) A book sized empty photo album might be a cute way to document your future together too. You can also incorporate the dates this way by taking photos and including them alongside the dates.

  7. What a lovely and thoughtful idea, as a book lover this is just perfect.

    I’m not sure you would want to tell her family upfront but what about asking her Mum for photographs of her from birth until present day, include any you may have of the two of you. Just a small album and then on the last page a beautiful printed note saying “Will you marry me?”. You can the either include the ring on that last page or keep it on you and give it to her when she reads it.

    I was thinking of this because it the photos show the chapters in her life and the next album may very well be the next chapter, your wedding!

  8. Maybe get a book signed by her favorite author and present it to her? Also hide the ring in between!

    Best of luck to your proposal sir, do update us all on what happened

  9. My boyfriend is an absolute softie. I’ve been working on a “things I love about you” or happy moments. Not sure what to call it yet. But I’ve been collecting happy moments and things I love about him and us and eventually I’ll write them on different slips of colored paper and put them in a decorate glass jar with a lid so he can randomly pull them out and read them. And then I can add to it later too.

    Don’t know if this is something you’d be interested in putting in the journal. If she’s like my bf she’d be touched at the time and effort and all the things you’ve noticed, with a touch of gratitude and appreciation thrown in there.

    Congratulations 🎉

  10. I love the blank journal idea. On the first page you could write “Today’s date: “her name says ‘Yes!’ and we are engaged”. You could wrap it up and for the blurb, you could write something like “Follow the journey of “her name” and “your name” as they build a life together and live happily every after”. Genre tag: Romance

    I bet the bookstore would be willing to help you out.

  11. Lovely idea! Does it need to be a book? Maybe a framed photo of you together with some thick wrapping around it. You only need one good photo:).

  12. Don’t ask the store to take the pictures, hire a photographer or a friend (preferably someone she won’t recognize). You have no idea if they have the time or skills to take pictures. If you know she wants photos then make sure it happens.

    I think it would be really cool if you hollowed out a book you know she likes, wrapped it up and had the ring hidden in there. If you get a friend to take the photos you can have them plant it right before you walk over. Just make sure no one makes off with your book. Maybe have it look slightly different than theirs like a different color paper so there’s no mistakes.

  13. Taking it one step further, is there a journal that might specifically apply to both of you? Do you have a bucket list? Do you travel? Do you both often do things she’d like to record in a memory journal? Did you meet somewhere creative and she’d like an art prompt journal? Do you both love to go out to eat (a food journal)? Does she like to be mindful, someone who might like a gratitude journal? And, the most obvious, how about a reading journal? All of these things can be tied back to your time together with an inscription.

    You could work far ahead of time with the store, finding a creative way to have this hidden. They could set up a fake “some of our favorite patrons!” hidden book table. They make a little placard that says “We’ve noticed you noticing us, so we thought we’d surprise you with a special thank you!” and then have the journal wrapped up with her name on it and a little description that goes along with some of the books she’s bought there to make it seem like a surprise book that fits her interests (and also goes along with what’s inside, so it’d have to be a well thought choice). They could make fake names up, or use employees, for the rest of the books so that no one else will pick up any of the others if there are other people in the store. And they could set it up at a certain time so it isn’t out all day. You could go to dinner then stop by the store after.

  14. I love this idea, but instead of doing an actual book, something like a layered photo box or diorama could be very cool. Immediately I envisioned a little picture of you down on one knee offering the ring, except the ring is actually the ring in the middle of the book, and meanwhile the two of you are framed by memories of your relationship. And for bonus, you can put a copy of her actual favorite book underneath or above. And since this box is book-shaped, it can also live up on the bookshelf.

  15. Along the lines of a journal, but one specifically for wedding planning? Or travel journal (honeymoon)?

  16. You could choose one her favorite books and trade the dust jacket for a plain brown one that says “Will you Marry Me?” and then wrap it in the mystery paper. Drop the book off earlier at the book store. That way you can have the ring in your pocket and present it to her as she reads your proposal.

  17. Favourite dates and memories is a really really good idea.

  18. Pull an up. Scrapbook with your current memories, then a will you marry me, and a blank our future adventures section.

  19. Love your idea. If there is time have you checked out Etsy for maybe a personalized journal with your names or something and something sappy yet sweet like our love story is my favorite story.

    Maybe the book store would help you and have her find clues in book titles and books like a scavenger hunt and it leads to the journal and you.

    Even the local library might be game to help.

    Good luck. You’re making this avid reader of all books and romance books swoon with your brilliant plan.

  20. Here to second (or more?) the blank journal. Or maybe an empty or almost-empty scrapbook? It could start with a page for your proposal to which you add the pic from the bookstore staff once you get it.

  21. what about a book of short, sweet love poems? plenty of good ones out there, and I’m sure the store employees could point you in the right direction if you weren’t sure where to start

  22. Go for the journal. She is going to love it.

  23. A Journal was going to be my suggestion. Or a photo album with pages to fill. Or maybe a travel book about the place you’d like to visit together “some day”.

  24. The journal is a great idea, and with pictures or not, it would very sweet to maybe write some valuable memories you have with her, for her to read and remember them, but see them from your perspective. Be the start of a beautiful keepsake for your lives together.

  25. How about creating a short cartoon-like book and placing it in a bookstore? The story could involve the two of you walking into the bookstore, where she picks up a book and starts reading it. On the last page, there could be a picture of a guy on one knee, and as she turns around, she finds you on one knee as well.

    Get the people at the bookstore to help. 🙂

  26. 1) How about a wedding planner? It’s something on the spectrum between a book and a folder that you use when planning.

    2 I’m thinking you may give her something like a card with a quote a day (days) before the action. The quote needs to be something unique, so it can’t be googled. When she asks where is it from, you as “I know the quote by heart, but I can’t remember where is it from”. Days later, she sees the quote on the cover of the book in the bookstore… how she could resist?

  27. Get a book and make it into a ring box

  28. Hi! Easy! She will expect a book. Have the book store custom chose the books for you.

    Wrap each of them with a short summary of the book on the outside.

    Ask her which story she would like to read the most. Inside each of the books, put a note that says, “Let’s write our story together. Will you marry me?”. No matter which she chooses, she gets your proposal.


  29. Okay, here’s what you do.

    Casually ask her if there is a book she’s been looking for. If there is, secure it if you are able and have it shipped to that book store.

    Coordinate with the bookstore owner so they know, obviously, that the book is coming and what it’s for.

    Meet with them when you’re alone and have them wrap the ring inside the book in the brown paper. Then have them write a description on it that pretty obviously tells her what it is. Have them set it out on the morning you plan to go. Casually point out the book if she doesn’t notice it herself. After buying the book, encourage her to unwrap it there in the store. Drop to one knee as she does it and have the book store person ready with a camera.


  30. This sounds amazing, please update us on how it goes

  31. Would hollowing out a book and putting the ring box in it be an option? Maybe an all-time favorite book of hers? Then do the wrap up and have the bookstore be involved. Have the clerk say, “Hey XXX, I have one set aside I know you would like”.

  32. Blank pages with the instructions „for the story we are going to write of our lives together“ or something like that?

  33. First of all, this idea is about the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard and your gf is a lucky lady! Adding to the blank journal idea…I’ve seen some beautiful vow journals, sometimes they come in a set with his and hers (or you could get two of the same if applicable of course!). Maybe wrap yours and just write one overarching vow on the first page, something like “I promise to love you forever. Will you marry me?”

    Man I love books and I love love. Good luck and congratulations!

  34. What about a blank journal with an 80s stylised mock- up cover entitled “(her name)+(your name): a choose-your-own-adventure”? You could even type on the first page “I love you: will you marry me?” On page one and have “if yes, turn around” at the bottom where you’d normally have the CYOA instructions. Then you can be ready with the ring out?

  35. Get her a Boo-k. (bouquet of books) – classic used paperbacks is what I like to put together.

  36. I think a wedding scrapbook or guestbook could be good. There is also a book called “the adventure challenge” that you can look up and see if it might be an option you want to consider. You could tie in starting a new life/adventure together.
    Whatever you end up doing, please post again so we can hear about it!

  37. Have you spoken to the book shop staff and got their input? They might have some fantastic ideas, or other ways they could help?

  38. This is so freaking sweet! I’m a book lover and I was secretly hoping this was my man on the other side of this post lol Maybe snowballing on the journal Idea, you could do a wedding guest book? Or maybe research a beautiful poetry book full of love pomes that can be read slowly throughout your lives together. or if you’ve talked to her family about this idea maybe there’s a book that means a lot to her that’s owned by a family member that you ask for, kinda like their blessing in a book lol Good luck with this and I know anything you pick will mean a lot.

  39. [How about a book literally called “Will You Marry Me”
    Get it wrapped in brown paper with a cover note like, “Genre: Romance, Family / The story of [hername], who made a choice, and lived happily ever after.”

    Then she unwraps it, sees the title, and hopefully understands by now what is going on.

    And then be standing behind her, in case she still doesn’t get it, and say, “Oh honey, look at this!” like you’ve just found something really interesting for her to look at. And she turns around and you’re on one knee.

  40. I hear you about the journaling.

    Something I’ve done is get a blank “Adventure” book like the one from Up, and for each year together I got a coin from that year, and put a small blurb about a big thing we did. If I have a photo, cool, if not, fine too. (2019 we got a cat, 2020 moved states, 2021 bought a new car, 2022 didn’t die of COVID, … Just pick a big thing for you two.)

    You could put in the things you want to do together, just like the movie Up.

  41. Hi! I actually just proposed to my girlfriend in a similar manner! I picked a book that was meaningful to us (a book she recommended to me before our first date) and then watched a ton of book binding videos and made a new cover for it that said “Marry me, (name)?”

    It did take a fair amount of time and materials, but it was pretty beginner friendly! Might be something that fits with your plan because you can have it wrapped and have her pick it as the mystery book.

  42. What about this: a custom-made book of poetry. Start reading love poems, inspirational poems, poems about relationships, and create your own anthology of poems that remind you of her and your relationship. Bonus points if you put your own poems into the mix, and they’re good ;). You could probably fudge the format a little here and there and put songs, riddles, and limericks in. If she speaks more than one language— include poems from that language— maybe next to new versions/translations by you, if you speak it too, or think you’ve read enough translations of the poem that you could do it yourself.

    You could put your proposal anywhere in the book. If you’re concerned about getting her to read through to get to it, put a pretty bookmark on the page it’s on, so she’ll open right to it.

    There’s a free poetry class you can still find online taught by Robert Pinsky. It’s called The Art of Poetry. In it, you learn about how to appreciate poetry and create your own anthology (that’s where I got the idea) of poems that represent you. It’ll help get you inspired.

    Here’s another idea: turn your love story into a fairy tale. Make it as simple or complex as you wish. You could have it illustrated. Or if it’s a short story and you want to give her a book with more pages, have it hidden in an anthology of other fairy tales (same idea as above, really.)If you have mutual friends who are artists and writers, enlist their aid to add tales and art. Bookmark it as needed, or potentially have the proposal in bold— you could even have the ring tied to the bookmark tassel.

  43. You said she wants photos so I assume y’all’ve talked about it. Just be VERY certain it’s been talked through extensively and you know she’s going to say yes.

    Its a complete dick move proposing in public if she’s unsure and puts her in an awkward and uncomfortable position

  44. My wife gave me a blank journal…and she wrote something she was thankful for / appreciated about me or us at the top of every page. It really floored me, and I love it. Highly suggest something like this – even if you don’t have photos, I’m sure you have hundreds of thinks you like, love, and are thankful about!

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