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Monetary “Success” of Cyberpunk 2077 could create a “Marvel Impact” in recreation business

My level being: To any extent further we’ll see each massive firm making an attempt to push video games to the “billion {dollars}” mark and if it do not get there, shall be thought of a failure.

I already can see this occurring with Activision/Blizzard and its massive push within the advertising and marketing of Diablo IV. Rockstar (Take-Two) will need the identical for GTA VI.

My fear in that is that this sort of state of affairs could kill some good concepts within the recreation business, as a result of why spend money on one thing new if we are able to wager on one thing extra secure and identified that may convey us far more cash? (So we’ll see extra serialization and reuse of already previous franchises and fewer completely new video games).

*And as at all times, as a non native english speaker, sorry for any grammar errors.*

Comments ( 10 )

  1. This doesn’t stop indie devs. The only difference is marketing, at the end of the day. This is a major concern, though, in media production, ie for mainstream media companies.

  2. D4 plays like a shitty F2P MMO, I eat a fucking broom if that Game makes a Billion.

  3. I think as Gamers (collectively) we’ll be able to temper AAA investors unreasonable expectations. As long as AAA keeps pushing out shoddy games with fantastic marketing the further indie games made with love + care will become the new “mainstream”. The only issue is how long it takes for some gamers to stop throwing money at pre-orders + collector’s editions.

    I thought that realization would have really set in with the FallOut (game unfinished and buggy) + canvas bag incident (was cheap nylon I believe).

    AAA can spend $$$ on marketing all it wants. However, the more $$$ spent on developers + development + less crunch and better scope oversight = well received game. (With respect to IP)

    That being said I do agree that AAA studios trying to chase “ez cash cow IPs” will end up ruining the IP for diehard fans and newcomers alike. Indie Devs can’t really grab solid IPs unless they have a backdrop of commercially successful indie games behind them.

    I think a hidden issue that will come to pass is:
    AAA simply buying out Indie
    Folding them into the company
    Making them work on well loved IP
    Huge Marketing for IP and the fact X indie is working on it
    Time crunching Indie studio
    Game released is rushed
    Game Flops + PR we’ll do better (AAA studio wont)
    Ruin Indie’s rep
    Flood of “Where did X Indie Studio Go Wrong?” YOUTUBE videos and Forum rage.
    Gamers wary of any future games from specific Indie branch of AAA

  4. This has been happening for at least 20 years, and plenty of good games still get made. It’s not worth worrying about.

  5. I would purchase Asheron’s Call 3, if they ever made one, o matter what price. When it comes to a franchise that you love, you go all in.

    Diablo 4? #3 was ok and I got a couple hundred hours in it, but I don’t think #4 is going to be worth the wait we went through.

  6. GTA V made a billion dollars in 8 days

  7. Triple a games have always been safe bets lol, its just graphical updates on already existing concepts they only get torn apart when its glitchy or buggy. The only innovation u ever see is from indie companies and if they make a game that breaks the market a triple a studio tries to follow it up if possible.

  8. This has been a problem for decades now and has killed franchises and studios over and over:
    Dead Space 3 killed the franchise due to overbudgetting and than trying to cram in microtransation bs to pull up the losses because horror games ARENT blockbusters, it’s too niche.

    We honestly need a game market crash to equalize it again. It isn’t going to make those passionate about games go away, it’ll just pop the unsustainable bubble publishers have created to artificially inflate profits with pay to win, multi currency, whale chasing tactics.

  9. I luved cyberpunk at launch on pc. Hate me if u must.

  10. I luved cyberpunk at launch on pc. Hate me if u must.

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