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LPT: Life classes for a richer and extra fulfilling life

I’m about to embark on a brand new journey in life, and I simply wish to share among the life classes I’ve discovered alongside the way in which.


• Say please and thanks. The phrases you say issues.

• Attempt to be form. Kindness is so uncommon in life. And don’t reap the benefits of the kindness of others.

• Deal with those you’re keen on the most effective. By no means cease reminding them that they matter to you. Every time potential, put them first.

• Don’t be prideful. There is no such thing as a acquire to be made by being prideful. You may have pleasure in your self or your achievements, however strive to not be prideful.

• Be humble. Humility is a aspect of kindness.

• Once you’re hurting, don’t lash out on the individuals round you.

• Learn each day. Learn a newspaper. Learn {a magazine}. Learn ten pages of a guide you hate. Over time, you can be amazed at how a lot information you’ve amassed.

• Don’t let anybody stroll over you. Stand agency in your convictions.

• See the most effective in individuals, and inform them about their qualities.

• Don’t lie, cheat and steal. What you acquire will trigger others ache.

• Shield the susceptible, irrespective of how weak you suppose you’re.

• Honor and recognize your mother and father, partner, siblings, buddies and those that assist you to. Don’t take anybody as a right.

• Apologize freely whenever you make errors. Be honest whenever you make an apology. Let individuals be indignant at you if they should.

• Forgive. Don’t maintain grudges. However don’t neglect.

• Work arduous. Earn your preserve. Don’t really feel entitled on the generosity of others.

• By no means cease studying new issues. Nothing is ever too small or too large to study. Study the identify of a star constellation. Learn to fold garments. Learn to restore a washer. Learn to converse one other language. Learn to cook dinner a easy dish.

• Encompass your self with good individuals. You’ll aspire to be a greater individual by having good individuals round you.

• Be buddies with painters and sculptors – they normally see the wonder in life. Be buddies with bookworms – they’re normally affected person and idealistic. Make buddies with actors, musicians and dancers – they normally love the most effective. Be buddies with people who find themselves humorous and have , honest chortle – they are going to make your world brighter.

• Be buddies with the cleaners, gardeners, safety guards, cashiers, and so on. Ask their names, ask about their day. They’ve a tough life. Make them really feel higher. Allow them to know you care.


Aspire to be the most effective model of your self, and you’ll lead a richer and extra fulfilling life.

Comments ( 35 )

  1. Good stuff

    I would add: learn a musical instrument.

  2. Great list, most people can take a lot of good from this. However, I’m going to disagree with the “don’t hold grudges”, I get it takes energy from your life, but there are people who should be removed from your life, career, etc, and sometimes you can’t just cut ties, so holding the grudge will remind you why they got put in the corner.

  3. Ah this list is cool but life isn’t movie simple and we’re all just trying our best to get through. I do quite a lot already of these

  4. I’d summarise this list as “be kind, be curious and don’t stop learning” which is pretty amazing advice.

    If you’re nice some people will think you’re weak and try to take advantage. Their shallow mindset might give them the advantage in the short term. Don’t let that put you off. In the long term you’ll go far further and be far happier than they do.

  5. >Be friends with the cleaners, gardeners, security guards, cashiers, etc. Ask their names, ask about their day. They have a hard life. Make them feel better. Let them know you care.

    Oh, the rich people CARE about LITTLE OLD ME! I’m going home to tell my spouse about the amazing dude who said hi!!!!!


    Condescending jerk…

  6. This isn’t a LPT. This is you telling people how to live their lives.

  7. And always look on the bright side of life !

  8. I love this list. Thanks for sharing

  9. This is the same shit you find in every self help book written by so called gurus that prey on gullible people.

  10. Put your hands together for captain obvious!

  11. Isn’t this just normal behavior?

  12. Are you dying or what?

  13. So try to get into The Good Place?

  14. They just got engaged guys. If you’ve got nothing nice to say: 💨

  15. I feel like I’ve seen this list on posters being sold at Target.

  16. That’s exactly it.

    Are the best parts of life really just finding momentary distractions to keep yourself busy so you think about the harsh realities of life for a second?

    I can ride roller coasters, meet new friends, and spend time with my family all day long.

    It doesn’t change the fact that the Sun is just going to explode, and all this was for nothing.


  17. I appreciate that these are tips in general. Far too many LPTs are just peoples uninformed opinions.

  18. It’s funny I do most of these I believe. I truly think my mom raised me well. BUT, being a sociopath, like my brother, gets you far in life.

    I grew up well, so I had the ability to appreciate these things. But think about a terrible neighborhood for a growing child. It’s not up to them, they are automatically surrounded by the anger and hate of those around them. I think a lot of what you say needs almost a life time to appreciate. One has to experience hate, a lot of it (if they are not a sociopath and empathetic) in order to recognize love. Ying and yang.

  19. What new adventure in life are you to embark upon? Sorry if that’s poor grammar.

  20. This is good advice, but I feel like it falls into the usual trap of easier said than done. We all know how to be a great man, but actually doing it is something else.

  21. 1) make money
    2) be nice
    3) make money


  22. I grew up singing, now it makes sense.

  23. This is all solid life advice. Thank you for sharing.

  24. So every self helf book ever? Every utopian society idealism ever? These are garbage tips on how to be miserable. Reminds me of annoyingly positive attitude in professional environment that are 0% real.

  25. Don’t sweat about things that are out of your control.

  26. Good advice. I saw some familiar stuff that wise people from place to place have mentioned. One that popped to mind was Moondogs Do Your Thing, which has some of the wisest lyrics I have heard.

    “Do your thing!
    Be fancy-free to call the tune you sing
    Don’t give up!
    That’s not the way to win a loving-cup
    Do your best
    And Opportunity will do the rest
    Don’t give in!
    Capitulation is the greatest sin
    Do what’s right
    What’s right for you, to do with all your might
    Don’t regret!
    What might have been, you might as well forget

    Stand your ground
    And while you’re standing there, be duty-bound
    Learn to wait
    And while you’re waiting, learn to concentrate
    Make amends!
    All enemies I call potential friends
    Calm your fears
    And hope to cope at least a hundred years
    Make your mark!
    If need be, even make it in the dark
    Mum’s the word!
    My sage advice, pretend you haven’t heard “

  27. I remember sitting in a long line a McDonald’s once. When I got the window, I asked how his night was going. And no shit, dude almost in tears said “No one ever asks how my night is going, thank you so much.” I know it’s south Florida at a random McDonald’s. I’m genuinely a social person and genuinely care, just didn’t expect that reaction. It’s true was OP says, a little compassion for other folks can completely change someone’s night or day. It cost me nothing, but meant everything to them.

  28. You forgot about wearing sunscreen.

  29. I know someone who did all that. And now nearing the end of their life, having helped others; been kind to others; not allowing themselves to be lauded for their achievements- they live alone, broke, not remembered.
    A wonderful, gentle soul who is intelligent, witty, classy and has done so much- says their life is hollow now.

  30. One thing that I find interesting is that if you tell people that most of what you said is in the Bible they would most likely get upset.

  31. You talk a big game but do you walk the walk? Yeah, every body think they gangsta until the blue eyes show up. Deadass

  32. I would add, undestand the importance of practicing discipline. Because otherwise you will forever be a slave to your own mind. It will literally help you with everything in life. Anything you want to accomplish requires discipline i.e setting aside your emotions in order to do what is needed.

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