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Classic gameboy video games

Hey guys, i discovered some outdated gameboy video games in my closet and after some small analysis i came upon that it’s perhaps price one thing. However i haven’t got any expertise with classic video games and costs, so subsequently I am right here to ask if any person is aware of a bit extra about these video games.
Video games:

Gameboy – Tom & Jerry, The world’s wildest recreation of Cat and Mouse! (Full)
Gameboy – Bubble Bobble (Field and recreation)
Gameboy superior – Vehicles, De Internationale race (Dutch) (Full)

They’re in advantageous situation i feel.


Comments ( 2 )

  1. hard to say really. I would assume if it isn’t zelda, mario, or donkey kong related stuff you probably have nothing.

  2. * Go to eBay

    * Search for X game

    * Filter for *”Sold only”*

    * That’s how much they’re selling for

    You can use this trick for practically anything you’re trying to figure out the value of.

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