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LPT: Set your browser homepage to about:clean to cut back web overload

about:clean is an ’empty’ web page that every one internet browsers acknowledge. While you go there as a URL you see a clean internet web page.

I set my homepage to about:clean a couple of month in the past as a result of I used to be uninterested in the browser pushing information, fascinating articles, urged web sites, and so on. at me. They are not evil, however I discovered myself shedding literal hours daily simply clicking into issues.

With about:clean as my homepage each new tab requires me to enter in an internet site handle or use my bookmarks to go someplace. This has helped me discover out which websites are prime of thoughts for me, and which websites I simply find yourself on. Finish outcome? Much less misplaced time doing aimless issues. After I’m on my pc I am both working, doing a venture for myself, or tidying up earlier than I step away.

Bonus factors should you take away URL ideas in your browser (auto full addresses, and so on.).

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Finally, a good and useful LPT

  2. I’m going to do this one, that’s a great idea.

  3. I have my homepage set to my google calendar. It’s nice because every time I click the homepage I get my calendar, since I never remember to look at it

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