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Which linear-story video games have essentially the most replay worth?

Many video games with a singular storyline find yourself being a “one and finished.” When you beat it, that is it; no motive to play it once more. Which storyline video games are so good that you simply *do not* thoughts replaying it yet again?

For me, I would not thoughts revisiting humorous video games like “Sam & Max” or “Toonstruck” after I have not heard the jokes shortly. I play “Costume Quests” 1 and a pair of yearly for Halloween.

“Epic Mickey” had such an influence on me that replaying it looks like I am re-living the identical expertise I had after I first performed it. The story and characters additionally nonetheless resonate with me to today.

Comments ( 15 )

  1. The resident evil series. Not because the storylines are so good that you feel like replaying them, but the games are just very re-playable gameplay wise, especially RE4 remake. They’re also short enough that it’s mostly not really a chore to pick them up again and just beat them.

  2. Borderlands 2. Each character made the same story that much better even though the storyline did not change.

  3. Journey. Such a short and simple game yet I replay it almost once every 3 months.

  4. I think the most replayable games are the ones that have a core gameplay loop that you simply never tire of. Unfortunately, that’s a question that only you can answer.

    When it comes to satisfying core gameplay loops, my go-to’s are Mirror’s Edge, Ninja Gaiden Black, The Godfather Don’s Edition, Sunset Riders, Sonic Generations, Tony Hawk 1-THUG, Deathrow, Super Mario 64, and any of the Soulsborne games.

    I also thoroughly enjoy atmospheric games with a focus on obsessively completing maps, so top-tier Metroidvanias like Hollow Knight and Blasphemous are in my regular rotation, as are classic survival horror games like Silent Hill.

    Finally, there’s the ones I keep finding myself returning to because I just like the vibe: Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, Alice: Madness Returns, and most recently, Wanted: Dead.

  5. Most Legend of Zelda games are replayable to me at least. Especially Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, but that’s just nostalgia I guess.

    Also I found the Tales games have great replay value, although they may be a bit longer than some other games.

  6. Max Payne 3. The gunplay feels so damn good, there still isn’t a better third person shooter out there imo.

  7. Half-life 2, and the sequels.

  8. Resident evil 2 original or remake
    All the souls games. Dark souls. Bloodborne. Sekiro. Elden ring
    Mass effect

  9. I wouldn’t call elden ring linear or story driven by any means, but it’s sufficiently adjacent to the type of game you’re looking for and is highly replayable so it’s worth mentioning. The story isn’t front and center, but there’s a TON of it if you go looking for it. That’s true of all the soulsborne games.

    God of war ragnarok fits the description of what you’re looking for a lot better, and since the ng+ update it has great replayability imo.

    The mass effect series is highly repayable, and intensely story driven.

    Neir automata has replayability built into its storytelling, so that’s definitely something to check out.

    I’ve replayed all of these games more than once, and had a blast each time.

  10. Undertale

    The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past


    The Final Station

    And in the future…

    The Danganronpa series.

  11. Chrono Trigger, which gets bonus points for encouraging replays by allowing you to start over with all your gear and stats and gives different endings based on what point you decide to fight the final boss. Plus the story and music are still on point 30 years later.

    Similar to your above with Sam & Max, I also periodically replay Curse of Monkey Island for the humor as well. Yeah knowing all the puzzle answers takes away from the game but at the same time how can you not laugh at some of the ridiculous humor? Also any excuse to hear more Murray.

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