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Viewtiful Joe please.

I’m positive somebody right here is ready to, or is aware of somebody someplace who is ready to, spark a dialog with somebody that would probably set into movement a sequence of occasions that would probably outcome within the improvement, launch, and in the end the enjoyment of Viewtiful Joe 3 or Viewtiful Joe Remaster on my own and certain many different followers of the aforementioned sport. To this particular person, I kindly request that you simply achieve this. Your cooperation won’t go uncompensated. Upon launch of both Viewtiful Joe 3 or Viewtiful Joe Remastered you may be rewarded with $7.41 (tax free), a sticker of your selection from my assortment, and a thanks card that was given to me for one thing else however ought to in concept nonetheless apply on this state of affairs. Thanks.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Is that $7 USD? :O

    I have no such power but I love these games.

    I completed Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2 at least 3 times each back in the day. A year ago I bought a GameCube so I could play it again, and I have a First4Figures Viewtiful Joe on my shelf.

    I would love there to be a remaster

  2. It’s such a shame clover studio was shut down. Both viewtiful joe and okami were so god damn good and unique

  3. I almost forgot about these games. They were lots of fun.

    I also remember working at GameStop and some kid talking about it and I had no clue what it was until one day it showed up as a new release. It was like the coolest game I never heard of at the time.

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