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The Sound and the Fury

I am about 50 pages away from ending it, i hope to finish it tonight.

It is a outstanding ebook, however boy is it complicated. In some unspecified time in the future you might want to cease attempting to grasp it and simply let the impact take you the place it’ll take you.

I learn virtually your entire Quentin part in a day, which is sort of uncommon for me. It introduced me again to so much that has occurred in my very own life: my troubled relationship with my father, attempting to interrupt free from his nihilism, feeling like the one particular person on the planet who’s attempting to do good and being tortured for it. The final 5 pages of his part messed me up. The way in which it is written in order that his frantic ideas construct up quickly because it turns into clear he has resolved to commit suicide. How your entire chapter, as he dwells on the peacefulness of the water, and the sinking flat irons, doing his final deeds on Earth, and it dawns on you your entire day he has been taking steps in direction of demise.

I normally roll my eyes at set off warnings and stuff like that, however should you’ve come near ending it, and also you come from a household of suicide and decay, be sure to’re in a very good place earlier than studying this. I sat in my home silently for a pair hours after his chapter ended.

One factor i do not get is why the appendix that provides a biography for every member of the family celebrates Jason. Jason is a egocentric, evil S.O.B. that corrupts all the pieces he touches, but the appendix venerates him like a hero. The final “sane compson” who was fortunate to outlive his household (when he was the chilly blooded bastard poisoning the family along with his cruelty).

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  1. I think you’re supposed to take the appendix ironically. Like Jason is such a “good” guy but that’s from the point of view of the southern culture they were in. To us he’s a dick and the worst person in the family, but he also personifies what the south wants

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