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LPT Request – I’ve journey pictures that I hope to monetize or discover alternatives to show into one thing greater than reminiscences and photos caught in my album. Any ideas?

I like to journey and take a lot of photos after I do. I’m wondering if a few of the good photos I’ve taken generally is a monetary alternative for me to make cash. I’m no skilled, however I’m fairly happy with the pictures I’ve taken, and simply marvel if there’s an area for somebody like me. I appeared up at Chat GPT that I can verify artwork galleries and see in the event that they’re keen to work with me, or promote my photos on-line. I’m at present on Shutterstock. Most of my photos are getting rejected, and for those that did get authorised, it’s been over 3 weeks and no downloads=income but. I’m wondering if I can strategy this in another way? or at the very least extra successfully?

I’m tremendous open to ideas! I’m even considering what if I print my photos, body them after which promote it within the streets. Lol.

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  1. “Nice pictures” may not be sellable pictures. When selling stock images you need to consider how they would be used commercially. Travel photos are also widely available and sometimes even free on certain sites, it can be difficult to sell them. One approach could be to think about what specific things a company would use your photos for. Try to shoot specific things and tag them for that particular search.

    Working in advertising in the travel industry one thing that clients always want is people in the photos. Often of specific demographics. Lots of images are needed for content such as blog articles and those need to relate to specific topics. As an example someone holding a picture of their passport in front of the Roman Coliseum is more sellable than just a picture of the Coliseum. That type of image was purchased for an article related to which passports are the most valuable in the world.

  2. I would think it depends on what the pictures are of. Unless a photo was absolutely spectacular I don’t think I, personally, would buy someone else’s holiday snaps.

  3. Even professional photographers struggle to make a living at stock photography. Search for the same places / things that your photos are of and ask yourself, honestly, if your photos are any better than the photos you find on a stock website. Heck, even go to a *free* website like pexels or pixabay and search the same thing and I’m sure you’ll find free images that are as good or better as what you took.

    I don’t mean to crush your spirits, but as someone who has tried to make a living selling images for the last 13 years, I can say confidently that there’s no simple solution. Photography markets are ludicrously oversaturated.

    Enjoy your photos, take photos that mean a lot to you, and cherish them. They are not a good source of passive income.

  4. Anyone with a phone has plenty of “nice” pictures. Thinking that you’re going to make money on them isn’t realistic. There are plenty of photographers with years of training and experience who have difficulty selling their images. I think you are devaluing the art form and overestimating your abilities by expecting to do so. Just be happy you caught a nice moment and leave it at that.

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