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LPT: get better unintentionally deleted sections of textual content on iPhone.

I can’t inform you what number of occasions I’ve been in the midst of writing an extended portion of textual content, simply to have it unintentionally deleted. There are different methods you’re supposed to have the ability to do that reminiscent of utilizing a 3 finger faucet or shaking the telephone, however these have by no means work for me. Possibly it’s simply an iOS 16 glitch for some folks.

To this point I’ve used this in e-mail, on-line varieties, Notes – it appears to work just about wherever.

Use Apple’s in-built Voice Management accessibility perform to get better textual content. As quickly as you understand you unintentionally deleted one thing do the next:

1. Open Settings
2. Open Accessibility
3. Choose Voice Management after which toggle it to ON. *Word: you might be requested to set it up the primary time you employ this, but it surely’s only a display or two to click on by way of.*
4. Return to wherever you had been writing your textual content.
5. Sort in something, could be one letter, doesn’t matter
6. Say out loud “UNDO THAT”. *Word: generally it’s going to write out the phrases “undo that”. Simply say it for a second time.*


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  1. By default if you shake your iPhone it will undo deleted text. There’s an accessibility feature for a double tap on the back of the phone to reform an action. I have mine to set to the “shake”. So a simple double tap will undo deleted text.

    Settings > Accessibility > Touch > (All the way at the bottom) Back Tap > Double Tap – Shake

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