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LPT: depart your tip for supply drivers underneath your doormat

I reside in an condominium that’s complicated to navigate and have fallen sufferer to not receiving a number of of my doordash/uber eats/ grubhub orders as a result of it was positioned on the flawed door. I lastly had an aha second and began leaving a money tip beneath my doormat. I ship a textual content to the driving force ASAP letting them know “hey, your tip is underneath my doormat! (:” and my success price of receiving my meals has gone to 100%. As an alternative of shortly dropping the meals at any door and driving away, they be certain that it’s my door in order that they get their tip.

Comments ( 46 )

  1. Fuck that. Tip culture sucks. How about workers get fair compensation for their work instead?

  2. I just write in the delivery instructions area that I have a cash tip to give them when they get here. Works every time

  3. LPT: avoid ordering food on apps altogether if possible, it’s a shitshow for all parties involved

  4. I don’t understand this USA problem but we usually meet up in front of our condo and get the food not so obligatory tip that I give it to them instead to make their day happy.

  5. As someone who has had many deliveries not show up, this is an amazing tip.

  6. Door dash driver say if you don’t tip in the app where they can see it they don’t believe you’ll tip cash so they purposely will not take your delivery or others have put the food on the floor with the ac blowing on it or stolen it.

  7. Which food app you use that doesn’t 100% give to the driver?? Uber eats is 100%

  8. Your building allows for a doormat outside of your apartment?

  9. So you gotta pay them more to do their job?

  10. I would just walk to the front of my lot. It feels too much like solution for a rat in a maze for my comfort.

  11. Right next to my house key? No thanks

  12. I used to do that for my apartment and 75 percent of the time they just dropped it off in the lobby and left.

  13. Or you can just go outside and meet them so they can get on with their next delivery? It’s about being courteous as well.

  14. Wait if you don’t tip in America for door dash Uber eats etc your food doesn’t turn up? Does that mean you still have to pay the vendor? You pay for nothing?

  15. Let me guess. You’re a delivery driver.


  16. I mark all my food deliveries for face to face handoff. Never had an issue.

  17. I’m glad this isn’t a thing in my country.

  18. LPT: check underneath everyone’s doormat

  19. I usually give a bad review and get some of my money back when they deliver to the wrong house. It’s just plain laziness and it’s not that hard to check the address

  20. Lpt. Groceries and home cooking are cheaper, taste better, and less headache.

  21. Lol don’t order DoorDash. There’s your tip

  22. Or you can you know .. open your door or meet them downstairs.

    As normal people do

  23. As a european I really don’t understand, why would you tip a delivery driver? He’s literally just doing his job.

  24. I don’t understand the tipping culture in the US. It is so stupid.

  25. Why would I tip a delivery driver

  26. Ah yes. Bribe people to do their job.

  27. You’re tipping a dude that does the easiest work I can imagine. While the chef, who is dying in the kitchen to make your food, receives nothing.

    Stop tipping delivery drivers..

  28. this sub needs to be called LPTUSA because of ridiculous posts like this. Utter stupidity.

  29. We don’t have a tipping culture in Europe and I never had the situation that my food got lost on it’s way. A few times it arrived late or cold, but then I was always getting a refund. Isn’t that normal?

  30. Illegal LPT: check under doormats for tips

  31. Or…ya know… Look them in the eyes and physically give them their tip.

  32. Do people still tip delivery drivers? I stopped doing that years ago. Took them by surprise each time suggesting it wasn’t done.

  33. Have you tried opening your door and meeting them…?

  34. Perhaps I’m showing my age here… But why do people use these services and why do they use them so much? I cant imagine ordering a burger from a place, paying top tier price and then getting a soggy burger and fries 45 minutes later… When I can call/online order from the place, walk or drive there and pick it up in a timely manner.

    I sort of feel like I’m taking crazy pills

  35. I love visiting the US but that thing about tipping everyone for everything drives me mad.

  36. You also leave your spare key there?

  37. Tipping on a food delivery app before the food has been even picked up isn’t a tip- it’s a bribe at best and an anti saliva fee at worst.

    I used to use Doordash and would leave a cash tip so I know my driver is getting 100% of it. One day I ordered Mexican while out on a walk. I was headed back to my apartment and saw the driver stop, unwrap the burrito, sprinkle something in it, wrap it back up and DELIVERED THAT SHIT TO ME. When i got home, I opened the burrito and sure enough, it looked like someone sprinkled dirt inside it

  38. Better yet stop wasting your money on Uber eats

  39. Why would I tip my delivery driver? I already paid for the delivery wtf

  40. I sometimes refrain from tipping a lot on the app and will instead let them know I tipped them more in cash and will set it on the door mat. This is because so many times I have been very generous with tipping, only for them to mess something up.

  41. Real LPT don’t tip. Unionize, demand wages. Start competing business. Whatever but don’t you do require tip from me

  42. There’s a term for the race to the bottom we’re experiencing now with tech companies … enshitification.

  43. So in order to receive the service that you’ve paid for you have to bribe them too?

  44. Hope that does not become a new trend: tip before service to ensure you get decent service. Da fuq this world coming to

  45. Only in the US could someone think that leaving food outside your door and just running off is an acceptable delivery that I’d pay *anything* for, and that the way to combat it is to bribe the guy with money, a guy whose only job is to give you your food .

    Literally, if you don’t knock on my door, hand me my food, let me check it’s correct, and do so while it’s still hot/cold and untampered with, then I’m not paying for a single bite of that meal.

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