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LPT: By no means use carpet tape for a carpet on hardwood or completed flooring

By no means, ever, EVER use carpet tape for a carpet on hardwood or completed flooring. Unfinished ground? Positive. However to tape down the perimeters of an space rug, maybe as a result of it’s a tripping hazard on your aged dad or mum? You’ll remorse it…

Why? As a result of it’s extraordinarily sturdy adhesive (double sided tape). When you clear it with GooGone or Varsol, it’s now one-sided tape and really caught to your flooring. And it is going to be, till the day you study a masterful method and throw a metric ton of elbow grease at it. Even then, you’ll be fortunate when you don’t injury the wooden/ground.

Why do I do know this? As a result of it simply took half a bottle of Googone and a few Varsol, two pairs of rubber gloves, many minutes in useless making an attempt all the pieces to dissolve the plastic, and finally 4+ hours of my life as soon as I used to be ready to make use of a scraper and tweezers… all in an effort to raise ONLY 12 FEET of the stuff. It breaks into tiny little hellish plastic shreds as you go too, so have enjoyable with that.

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  1. Try Avon Skin So Soft oil or baby oil next time. Either of those has cut through some of the most strong adhesive in my experience.

  2. You’re doing it wrong. Heat gun in the answer.
    Yes, it takes care not to damage finishes but it works greay

  3. I’ve worked with carpet tape a lot and yeah it’s a pain in the ass but have always found the best way to get it back up is to use carpet tape. Get it started and roll it back onto itself. It’s so sticky that you can slowly work down the line of tape till you have a sticky, rubbery ball. But yeah, the real trick is using just barely the amount you need from the start so that you have less to pull up later.

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