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I hate once I recognise voice actors in video video games

Earlier than anybody is like “Appears like a you downside.” Clearly it is a me downside. I am simply questioning if anybody can relate. I am enjoying Skyrim after lastly getting the mods to work with out crashing. Meet Serana once more. I am like “Wait… No. Is that Laura Bailey?” and now each time I hear Serana converse it is not Serana I am listening to, it is feminine voice 1 from Saints Row. After I was enjoying Mass Impact legendary version, I used to be doing Novaria. Hear Dr Conen. I simply hear Neloth from the Dragonborn DLC. Something with Keith David, the character stops being the character and is simply Keith David.

Tl;dr I can not separate the character from the actor.

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  1. I can tell whenever Yuri Lowenthal is voicing someone, so I can understand where you’re coming from.

  2. That sounds like a you problem:P

    And by that I mean no it doesn’t bother me at all. It can often help me enjoy it more when there’s a familiar voice, etc.

  3. I had the opposite problem.

    My ex forced me to watch this awful awful series called Once Upon a Time and as soon as the guy playing Jiminy Cricket opened his mouth, all I could see was bland ass Kaiden Alenko

  4. but it’s fun to find the NPC that is voiced by Steve Blum or Matt Mercer. There’s at least 1 in so many games. Steve Blum in particular has a pretty distinct voice that’s gotta be damn hard for him to try to get away from.

    What’s more jarring to me is when a character’s VA changes between games. Matt Mercer is voicing Minsc in the upcoming Baldur’s Gate 3 and I’m sure he’ll do a fine enough job but he doesn’t sound like Jim Cummings because he’s not Jim Cummings.

    and mentally I expect Minsc to sound like Jim Cummings, because that’s who voiced him in the original games.

  5. Same thing happened to me with the Lord of the Rings trilogy (the movies). Agent Smith (from the Matrix) is a rather important role in the LoTR movies and I can **never** unsee him as Agent Smith.

    I kept expecting him to suddenly say “Mr. Aaaaandersoonnnn”

  6. I’ve had fun trying to piece together Clancey Brown on a few occasions.

    After watching critical role for a while, I struggle to see Ellie in The Last of Us as a teenager now though…

  7. I’m the exact opposite, but I get it.

  8. I enjoy the fact they’re back or in the industry. RIP Lance Reddick.

  9. Skyrim has, like, ten voice actors, so it feels weird to complain about one of the only characters with a unique voice.

  10. Welp, won’t be a problem much longer at this rate as machine voices become more refined.

  11. I loved hearing familiar voices in Fable 3, most of which I could recognise, but then there were even more when I looked them up!

  12. Playing Arkham City and hearing Fred Tatasicore’s proto soldier 76 voice in the henchmen lines got very distracting.

  13. I’m not like that with video games. In fact if I can spot out the sound of the voice I usually tend to like it. Especially for actors like Troy Baker.

    But I can be like this with actual movies. For instance when all you seem to see on the TV every second you see a particular celeb, that when you see them in the movie you don’t see the character but the frikkin celeb personality. Tom Cruise had this for a long time with me.

  14. Yes. It’s a you problem. Because all I hear is actors. Not characters. And I love that. Jennifer Hale can voice all her characters with one voice and the same intonations, I could care less. Because she IS Jennifer Hale. The officially BEST female VA in the western market. Same with Vic Mignogna, DC Douglas (I don’t agree with his politican views though), Nolan North, Troy Baker (this dude sold me an english anime dub. An ENGLISH anime DUB to ME, who HATES all the dubs except for the original japanese. That has to say a lot, right) and Mark Hamill. I love hearing voices I like, because I know this is the best actors ever available and the result will be outstanding. I started to like Laura Bailey a lot less, because of THAT ONE recent game that shouldn’t be named in proper society.

  15. I can’t say that I hate it, I usually recognize a few actors, but there is one that always takes me off the characters, and that is Liam O’brien. His voice is so iconic to the point that I cant separate character from actor. Some examples off the top of my head would be Endrance from .hack GU series, War from Darksiders and Yasuo from League of Legends. Dont get me wrong though, I really like his work as a VA.

  16. Michael J Gough voices Jarl Balgruuf in Skyrim and voices guard lines for various city guards in Florence and a couple other cities in Assassin’s Creed II. There is a cut scene in Florence he features in…

    That was really immersion breaking for me especially since I had to search immediately for who voiced the character just to double check…

  17. god this was me with spiderman remaster (the pc port of the ps4 game), everytime peter opened his mouth I just hear “CAESAR HAS MARKED YOU FOR DEATH, AND THE LEGION OBEYS. READY YOURSELF FOR BATTLE!”

  18. This ain’t a you problem, this is you being the problem

  19. I honestly don’t know why people get hung up on voice actors. I couldn’t name you one. I have no idea if they are consistent in franchises. Buuuuuuuuuutttttt, when I was playing ff7 and I hear Badger…..that kinda ruined it for me (couldn’t name the actor though)

  20. I’m the opposite, I enjoy it when I hear a VA I like as multiple characters.

    Elias Toufexis (AC:O Leonidas) is a good example, great to hear him as one of the Operators in Cold War (CoD).

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