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How thick ought to a plank for a day mattress be?

So I am planning on making a day mattress in my windowsill, which is +-20 cm broad and have it stick out a few meter.

I need to put desk legs beneath it 3 within the entrance, 1 on all sides and have it leaning on the window sill (I hire so I want to not make an entire base, alternatively I might additionally put a low cupboard on the entrance.

Now I am questioning how thick the plank must be I am laying over it. I will almost definitely can be utilizing osb or multiplex.

I would love any assist with this, I do not diy usually, however this looks as if a enjoyable summer time undertaking and I feel it might look tremendous good in my lounge, thanks.

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  1. 1/2″ minimum if you are light weight, 3/4″ otherwise plus reinforcements are needed. Make a support base for your plank as if it was a six legged table and same height as window sill you want it next to. I don’t suggest you support it on the window sill as the friction of the plank on the sill will ruin it’s finish and subject you to damage charges on termination of lease as that is not normal wear and tear damage.

    If you have enough height to the window sill, you could use 34″ tall base cabinets and put your plank across 2 or 3 of those depending on width and style of cabinets. Base cabinets are usually 24″ deep and can be made with drawers or shelves or both and can be finished ant way you want, paint or stain or decorative adhesive paper. 34″ in height is kind of high for a bed base though plus you have matteress thickness to might need a small stair or step to enter and exit the bed.

    I admire your creative design though.
    Give it some though and sketch it out before you buy anything.

    You might just go with a support made from 2X4’s and bolt that together with shoulder stove bolts and washers and nuts 3/8-24 by 3-1/2″ to go thru all the way. Screws and nails loosen over time in bedframes so use of bolts is highly recommended.
    In my low income on a budget youth, I made a lot of do it my self furniture. There are books on this subject, and 2X2’s are used for a lot of things besides framing walls and doors.

    Good luck in your venture

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