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Flower mattress whereas/retaining wall

1. What am I doing unsuitable right here on the step up? I assume I shouldn’t have the ability to see the sand/paver base on the underside beneath the proven nook brick?

2. On curves, I assume I ought to minimize the again of the lip on the brick?

3. Ought to I step up one brick of the time or ought to I am going two or three or is that strictly choice?

These step ups are an absurd quantity of labor. I’m going to complete it myself, however I really feel like a bit off greater than I can chew.


Comments ( 4 )

  1. I’m not an expert nor have I done this just taking a crack and upvoting to help get views. But don’t you have to level the gravel first the entire way across before placing the stone?

    I’d clear that middle section out lay down gravel level
    The area then being placing stone then refill
    The dirt.

  2. OK I paused and sat for awhile and I think I need to pull up the paver base where I started the second row and push the bottom row in one or two more bricks toward the incline where the grass starts to incline then I think the paver base will no longer be visible

  3. From what I understand looking at the picture ground isn’t level and you want a wall that will have different heights.

    Start at te lowest point and build the wall layer after layer. Sink the first layer below grass to cover the base and provide stable foundation, and extend it to the point you can start next layer. I’d put base deeper and compact it before building the wall. Interlacing bricks is super important.

  4. The joints in the layers need to be staggered. The crack between stones should not be above another crack.

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