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Attempting to upcycle Malm Dresser – what materials to purchase for reduce out decal?

I’ve a tall Malm 6-drawer dresser I do not need to dump so I am attempting to provide it a facelift + second life.

I’ve primed it with Zinsser BIN shellac paint however and plan to color each it and the decal, nonetheless I am questioning what materials I can purchase to get the arched cutouts as pictured within the inspo right here:





**Ought to I purchase plywood, MDF, wooden planks ???**

For context I stay in BC so my choices for shops are restricted to Residence Depot, Rona, and Canadian Tire actually, until I order on-line.

My plan is to chop, sand, and prime the decal. Then affix it to the dresser with liquid nail glue, and paint all of it collectively.

Pls assist me!

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