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What was your first console and the way strict have been your dad and mom on you utilizing it ?

I’ll go first:

TLDR: My dad obtained me a pretend PSP and my mother was very strict.

I obtained my first console once I aced sixth grade (2008). On the time the PSP was the most popular factor for me and I begged my dad to purchase me one and as Pakistani dad and mom they only stated no lol. Mother obtained me a Beyblade set however I stored asking dad for a PSP and sooner or later within the night he referred to as mother to inform me to return right down to the parking. I actually vividly bear in mind him handing me the PSP field and stated “take it to your room and do not inform your mother about it”. I went hitman shit smuggling that factor to my room and was over the moon once I locked my door and tore that field aside just for my happiness to show into confusion, realization, disbelieve and disappointment.


Seems my dad is a extremely disconnected particular person in relation to gaming and he went to a store and requested for a PSP, obtained to know the worth (which on the time was effectively over 200$), circled and was prepared to go away when likely the salesperson confirmed him the “PopStation Moveable”.


What I obtained was a purple PSP imposter that was some Chinese language board with GBA and GBC emulators that was in some way in a position to report video and take photos (it had a digital camera higher than the household camcorder xD) and it had MP3 too.


Even tho it was a pretend PSP I liked the factor. I performed the crap out of Pokémon Firered, Kirby and the superb mirror, The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap, Mario & Luigi Famous person Saga and Tremendous Mario Advance 4.


My mother would solely enable me to have it on Sundays from 8 within the morning until 9 at evening lol.


It was my solely console till I introduced it to high school and somebody stole it off my backpack throughout lunchbreak (2010).

Since then I’ve been an avid PC gamer (with exception of shopping for consoles *PS2, 360 and a PS4*) however that pretend PSP will all the time have a particular place in my coronary heart.

Comments ( 7 )

  1. Commodore 64 and i only had 1 game so didn’t play it that much.

  2. PC. It was dad’s so he took usage priority. Also had to share it with brother.

  3. the PS2 was my first console and my dad was so strict about it. I was too young to understand that I needed a memory card to save so I would only have an hour a day at most to progress as far as I could into my games. One time I pretended to be sick to skip school and play all day without my dad knowing but when he found out he was so furious that he snapped the game disc I was playing in half! Nevertheless, those limited hours with the PS2 were like pure gold, and I cherish those memories to this day.

  4. Mine were fine for the simple fact they bought me the Spectrum so I would stay in and stop getting in trouble. Worked for a bit too.

    But if I were a parent I think I would probably allow them to game once they’ve had there tea and done any required school work. A sort of ‘if you work hard, you get the payoff’ kinda teaching system.

  5. I got a GBA and parents would lock it up downstairs in a drawer and I had to earn play time. That’s how learned how to pick shitty locks.

    Took them a while to figure it out, probably months after I fell asleep playing and forgot to put it back at night and they had to go in there for the checkbook. I think they gave up after a while because I hid it somewhere they couldn’t find and just more or less let me do what I wanted to do within reason. So many hours of late night Golden Sun, Pokemon Ruby, Advanced Wars, Castlevania, Doom and Mortal Kombat.

  6. The first console I owned was a NES. My parents weren’t that strict.

  7. Sega Genesis. They weren’t strict at all.

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