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Query about Three by Flannery O’Connor (Clever Blood, The Violent Bear it Away, and Every thing that Rises Should Converge)

Hello y’all,

I borrowed a replica of Three, a group of those Flannery O’Connor tales, from my college library. It’s previous as shit, printed in 1983.

I’m solely in Clever Blood for now… however the principle character’s title always flips between being spelled Haze Motes and Hazel Motes. As soon as, each spellings have been utilized in the identical sentence! It occurs so regularly I needed to look it as much as test if it was a rhetorical gadget or one thing.

Every thing on-line refers to Clever Blood as a 200+ web page novel. It’s 120 pages right here, already in a really small format.

Am I nuts? Do I simply have a bizarre copy, or are all of them like this?

Comments ( 4 )

  1. She uses both. Haze is his nickname, for maybe obvious symbolic reasons. I don’t remember her using both in the same sentence though. What sentence?

  2. Are you enjoying it? O’Connor is probably my favourite American author

  3. My Mom’s favorite author. O’Conner was an excellent and original writer. They made a movie out of “Wise Blood” It’s amazing also

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