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LPT: Undergo the method of cancelling your entire subscriptions sometimes

Subscription companies put quite a lot of money and time into buyer retention. Go attempt to cancel a subscription and also you’ll be shocked what you’re going to get supplied to not cancel it. Right here’s a couple of private examples:

1. I’ve a subscription for some clothes objects and I felt like I had too many so I’d skip each month for a number of months. I received uninterested in doing that so I simply went to cancel it. They allowed me to do an prolonged pause (6 months) whereas nonetheless retaining my membership and discounted member pricing. Plus I began getting extra low cost codes emailed to me.

2. I’ve a subscription for some hygiene objects. Once more, I’ve an excessive amount of of one of many objects so I went to cancel. The corporate gave me free merchandise of a special sort to not cancel it. I get to check out one thing new and nonetheless cancel subsequent month if I need to.

Even when you’ve got no intention of cancelling, it’s good to only see what you get supplied.

Comments ( 15 )

  1. This is called taking advantage of the system.

  2. And remember that subscription services don’t have loyalty programs attached. Last night as a I watching the train wreck Connor McGregor doc on Netflix I realized that I should cancel and possibly try the service again in a few months when they have added new stuff. That’s 30-40 bucks in my pocket. Rotate that around and you could save hundreds in a year.

  3. Or just don’t get subscriptions in the first place 😉

  4. The real LPT is cancelling any online subscription immediately after you pay. If you are still using it in a month when your remaining time expires, just reup then.

  5. It cost them more to get a new customer than it is to keep an old one, can do this even to internet providers

  6. This is true with Paramount plus trials. Mine just expired and opting to cancel in the settings will prompt you with an offer for 2 months free

  7. Bold of you to assume i am wealthy enough to just forget about some useless subscription services in the first place.

  8. The real LPT is not signing up for subscription services for physical things that you can just opt to buy when you want them and not buy when you don’t. WTH is the point of paying a monthly fee for clothing or shampoo?

  9. Just clicked to cancel HBO Max and first screen after the first cancel button was ‘we’ll give you half off for three months’

  10. This strategy works so well for Sirius XM radio. They will go as low as $1-$2 per month if you’re patient enough.

  11. If you go through the Prime cancelation process it also tells you how much you’ve used it.

    I canceled my prime cause I felt like I was barely using it. I then learned that over a year I watched 2 movies or shows and ordered 1 item. Definitely not worth the prime subscription.

  12. Go to your bank and say you lost your card and walk out with a new number and your old card cancelled. All subs will fail when attempting to charge the next cycle

  13. Online newspapers are a big one!

    I just did my New York Times subscription – old price $20/month, new price $4/month.

  14. wtf even clothing subscription? how does it work? do they take away your pants if you don’t pay? and how much does it cost?

  15. Lifeprotip: don’t buy clothes and hygiene items from subscription plans. the reason they can “reduce” costs to you, is because they are making so fucking much from people like you subscribing to them.

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