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Is that this superb for a downspout drain

Normal location: Ontario, Canada


I am trying to put an above floor drain underneath floor so it would not block walkway, undecided if I did it proper. Can I get a second opinion from a panorama professional? Thanks!

– downspout is on the facet of the home and in the beginning of the driveway

– water has been draining away from downspout via above floor pipe

– need to bury pipe underground to keep away from obstructing walkway, outlined in crimson in image beneath

– dug a trench, laid the pipe, and put stone slabs on high

– no outlet atm

– is that this superb?

Prepared to redo the whole lot






[Noticed water pooling after first rain](

Comments ( 6 )

  1. No outlet?? Where exactly did you expect the rain water to go?

    You drain needs to daylight, and it needs slope.

    If you don’t do anything to fix it, you were better off before

  2. The ground/stone at the end of pipe doesn’t allow for the water to go anywhere. You need a destination for the water to go, ie out to the street, drainage reservoir, or a pop up spout in a vegetation area. Right now that pipe is clogging/not ~~disputing~~ dispersing water fast eough so it’s pooling where the downspout meets the pipe this video might help show an example better than I’m explaining. It shows a reservoir installation. You could dig further trench behind bushes and terminate there but it’s more tricky. Hope this helps.

    + *not an expert but work in roofing*

  3. If you want your drain to lead to a French drain, you need it about 20x bigger

  4. I did something like this in my first house, but I used 20’ of perforated 6” pipe. The pipe ran into the ground near the house, under a sidewalk and then under the lawn along the driveway towards the street. I put a bunch of large rocks at the other end of the driveway for any water to come up through.

    In nine years no water ever came out from those rocks, and the grass grew like MAD over where the pipe was buried. Worked amazingly.

  5. Have you thought about a rain barrel system?

  6. Definitely need to revisit the outflow end of the pipe. Remember that pipe could be handling a really large amount of water depending on how much roof area leads to it. Daylight would be best for the end of the pipe. If you have to do a popup emitter then do that. Be careful if you live in a cold climate, because if your roof thaws before the ground does after a snow storm you may end up with a frozen popup emitter and a bunch of water behind it. Definitely drill holes in the bottom side of the elbow leading up to the popup and dig a little pit below the elbow and fill that area with some drainage rock.

    One final thought is to be careful about where you aim your downspout runoff, don’t take all of that water to the property line and aim it directly at a neighbors house…

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