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Film License Video games.

Is it simply me or does anybody else discover that recreation studios are afraid to develop and launch sturdy single participant centered narrative video games based mostly on widespread movie franchises, and as an alternative pushing for a extra “revenue by numbers” dwell service expertise?

Video games starting from:

Friday The thirteenth(multiplayer server DRM)

Puppet Grasp The Video Sport(multiplayer recreation)

Evil Lifeless The Video Sport(multiplayer DRM solely)

Predator Searching Grounds(Multiplayer DRM)

The Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath Video Sport(On-line solely)

Killer Klowns From Outer House recreation(On-line Solely)

Starship Troopers Extermination(Multiplayer solely)

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed(Multiplayer solely)

I imply it looks as if yeah their nice to play with mates and others on-line for a while however after some time it feels redundant and defeats the replay worth. Ultimately the devs would possibly say yeah no thanks and pull the plug leaving all of that content material and stuff you get pleasure from not capable of entry because of a server.

Significantly why cannot Studios give us extra film based mostly video games like Terminator Resistance, Robocop Rogue Metropolis, Alien Isolation, John Carpenters The Factor, Predator Concrete Jungle that appear extra respectful and genuine to the supply materials??

Comments ( 8 )

  1. Movie games are easy to produce if you don’t innovate or develop them, just model them on an existing game.

    The window of opportunity with a movie based IP game is very narrow, so you don’t want to spend years actually developing it you just want to whack it out around the movie being released.

    There’s also usually a backlog of games that end up in development hell, that tried to make a game and took too long and now they’re just never really going to release. With movie games you often just pick one of these up from the exhausted or bankrupt developers and turn it into a quick game.

    So whatever the most popular genre was 3-5 years ago which will be easy to just change the skins on is your best bet.

  2. It goes a long way back to the 90’s mate, when video games used to always have a movie tie-in release and 9/10 they were the worst games, even in a time where nearly all games were shite.

  3. What you mean? We get star wars games, marvel games like every week.

  4. Well, “back in the day” if there was a movie that was turned into a game, it generally was absolutely terrible.

    The exception for me possibly being the super old treasure planet game, but that could just be some nostalgia talking since I barely remember it other than it being enjoyable for me.

    Every movie-based game I’ve ever played that wasn’t a franchise spinoff was genuinely just bad. (In my opinion.)

  5. I think a double feature type horror game would work, give it two different playstyles depending on the movie/game.

  6. They would end up being better than the original movies

  7. We had that. It was crap. Movies make the worst games

  8. Problem is licensing. Once you lose it, the games get delisted. Good examples are the Transformers games like Devastation and Fall of Cybertron.

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