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Eradicating rust from automobile hitch to insert bike rack

How would I’m going about eradicating rust contained in the sq. tube on my automobile’s hitch into which I insert the bike rack? The opening has reduced in size because of the rust buildup and it is nearly inconceivable to insert the bike rack into it. I am afraid that if I power it in it will not come out.

I’ve sprayed some Blaster PB in there and scraped with a screwdriver-like crowbar, however solely the flakes got here out. It is nonetheless too small. The sq. gap is about 1 1/4″ to a facet, and round 7″ lengthy, however even when I discovered a shorter software, I might do 4″ from the again of the automobile and three” from beneath the automobile.

Most metallic brushes I’ve seen are too extensive. My rotary software and all wire wheels for drills too quick. I checked out toothbrush model metallic brushes on-line, however the photos present an angled deal with that will doubtless make it inconceivable to insert them various inches inside.

Any recommendations, aside from to switch the entire hitch meeting? Is there one thing stronger that Blaster PB I might get which might dissolve nearly all of the rust that I might simply wipe? One other kind of metallic brush or such I have not thought-about?

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  1. The best dissolver of rust is muriatic acid. It’s what we use in industrial surface finishing.

  2. Look in the welding section of your local hardware store. They will have small wire brushes, about the size of a toothbrush.

  3. Go to your local gun/outdoors store and explore the various gun cleaning implements they have available

  4. A. An industrial chemical like muriatic acid

    B. A full round file like this except has a removable handle (so you can clamp it in a drill)
    [8 inch long bastard cut round file](

    C. Remove it from your car to take to a machine shop

    D. Replace it with new one

  5. Long thin metal file.

    WD40 to get the surface rust off, then mechanical filing to grind down the inner surface flat again.
    Then, consider rinsing it clean after sudsing the oil away, followed by a protective layer of spray enamel paint – Otherwise, coat with a layer of rust-blocking oil/grease.

    Otherwise, strong piece of sandpaper for metal auto body work wrapped around a screwdriver lengthwise, duct taped on your end near the handle. Insert and sand away.

  6. Old fashion large metal file like you sharpen a lawnmower blade with

  7. Go buy a hitch extender

    Grease it

    Hammer it in the hitch

    Hammer it back out

    Clean out the rust pieces

    Repeat until it goes in without the hammer

  8. Has anyone ever tried coca-cola?

  9. Could try putting one of these in a drill. Small size to get into the corners and tough areas, large size to make quicker work of any easy areas.

  10. Rough flat file. A little persistence. Keep it simple. 15 minutes max.

  11. If you can’t get the receiver hitch in the receiver just spray it inside with some wd40 and take a wire brush to it and add a bit of oil. Motor or vegetable is fine.

  12. I usually use vinegar, its not too aggresive on the metal, you wet a paper towel with it and stuff it in the tube,make sure its contacting all the surfaces, leave it for 1 hours and then use a small metal brush to clean it, it should come right off, if you have really bad rust might need to repeat the process. you can also use white vinegar which is more acidic. Also wash throughly after you are done, water is fine, just keep it running with a hose and dry the pipe after, a torch wpuld be quick and easy

  13. Are you sure you have the right size? There are both 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 inch hitches. Are you saying that the apace between the rust is 1 1/4 inch? I find itbhard to believe that you would have 1/4 inch of solid rust in your hitch.

  14. Block of wood that fits inside, waterproof sandpaper (like 80 grit) glued on, and oil. The oil type doesn’t matter. Work one side at a time and focus on the corners. Wash the oil off, let it dry well, then use high temperature spray paint inside to slow down the return of the rust.

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